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Unexplained Sadness With Christmas Songs

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For no reason I always feel Sad every time Xmas music is played and Out of respect, I can’t ask to turn it off, What Can I Do? 😔😢😭

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Christmas music is so nostalgic that it is meant to bring back memories

of Christmas' past. I usually think of the happier times I've had, may cry

a few tears. Singing along with others can help as well.

I came from a very musical family so the holidays were spent singing with words

and all that my mother would pass out to family. lol

Thank you Agora for sharing your thoughts. Every year, we go to Lake Tahoe or Mammoth for Xmas so right now being stuck in the house bombarded with Xmas Songs just make me feel So Overwhelmed.

Christmas in general is depressing for me, the songs the decorations, all of it . I think a lot of people have this issue because a lot of people just don’t want reminders of their past.

Thank you VDC1 for sharing your thoughts. I love Xmas decorations, it is glamorous and warm but Just something about the tune of xmas songs brings my energy down for no reason.

I totally relate to this sometimes I find the songs over whelming x

Thank you Hells18 for sharing your thought, at least I don’t feel I am the only one.


Am I gonna be “OML” after hearing it like langedechu ?!!!!

most likely yes lol... lemme just say the music is "energizing"

Oh no I’d like to keep it steady 🤣

oh well... hahaha

Thanx for the warning lol

lol ofc

(sorry Hidden) lol

Does it come with what is that fries or popcorns?!! Lol

Alrighty then, thanks you guys for making me laugh 🤗🙏

Okay, August Burns Red is cool and the rest just like langedechu said very “energetic” 🤣, give me heart palpitations 😂

I’m okay, thanx for checking in 🙏 I’m watching Holiday Er, I think next is Santa sent me to ER 🤣 u should check it out 🤣

No Silly it’s for real 🤣. One of the episode, the father literally dressed up like Santa and went down the chimney to surprise his kids but got his own dilemma 😂

some christmas songs make me sad also for some odd reason

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Thanx for sharing Yes it’s a mood shifter that I have to shake that sad feeling off.

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yes it is a mood shifter

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