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How’s your mental health ?


How’s your mental health right now ?

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I think my mental health isn’t too bad but I get overwhelmed overthinking but it’s something that will settle down in time, one of those tough days that hopefully won’t last. How are you doing?

Hb2003 in reply to Starrlight

I am doing alright at the moment 😊 and I’m sorry that your feeling this way I am here for you we all are 😊 bestie

Starrlight in reply to Hb2003

Thanks Hb ❤️ my sister is Muslim btw she converted and so did I years ago we were raised Catholic These days I am constantly searching for God maybe He is right here Praying for guidance... 😊

Hb2003 in reply to Starrlight

that’s amazing 😊 see this might be a omen ❤️❤️ I will always be here for you ☺️

Starrlight in reply to Hb2003

I will always be here for you too

Hb2003 in reply to Starrlight

😊 I always love talking to everyone here I think of them as family 😊

Starrlight in reply to Hb2003

Yes one huge family

#2 in coping

Not good...

Starrlight in reply to All_alone

((((((((All_alone))))))))) ❤️

Pel3749 in reply to All_alone

Hi, maybe you can call someone to just talk, it makes me feel better. If possible maybe a walk? I am here to chat with you. Keep in touch. God bless.

I am sorry about that



I’m feeling better! I was sad again for a bit today, but I had a lot of support! So I’ve been cleaning and now I’m just gonna relax and read. How are you Hb?

Hb2003 in reply to Elle_Luv

I am doing alright at the moment

Elle_Luv in reply to Hb2003

Glad to hear that! I hope it stays that way!



Hb2003 in reply to Hidden

I understand how you feel I do hope you get better sending lots of love 😊

Starrlight in reply to Hidden


Pretty bad not gonna lie.

❤️ (((((((((((((Hug)))))))))))) ❤️

Not good at all if a horrible day at work my anxiety was too much I was sweating so much and my heart was racing

Starrlight in reply to Xoxo33

Awww so sorry sending calming vibes((((((((

Really bad since Covid and now feeling overwhelmed by Christmas too. ☹️

Can't complain

Not good. Health anxiety off the charts 😞

pretty good lately but i do get a little overwhelmed every now and then.

Quite bad right now, extremely SAD😥 Major feelings of loss again👎 Losing a few friends due to them moving, & one to horrible tragedy w son & they're completely shut down 😢

Justgood in reply to QiannaRG1

So sorry about that.....

Had a rough day yesterday. A little better today.

Love it! Lol

All good here thank you, the sun is shining and it makes such a difference. I hope that you are okay xx

I'm not in a good place unfortunately. Trying my best though.

I'm doing better than I have been in a long time. I had a nice Thanksgiving. My family didn't get together because of Covid, but my friend's sister who I know well made a bunch of great food and dropped some off for us in plastic containers, it was delicious!!! I bought her a perfume set and a bottle of wine and gave her a card, bought some scrunchies for her two daughters- I think those are coming back in style! I just wanted to thank her for doing that, I know cooking like that takes a lot of time and effort. And we have to be thankful this year, those of us who haven't died because this terrible coronavirus is dreadful!!!! Stay safe everyone and wear a mask and wash those hands!!!!!🙂

extremely bad i feel like i am losing my mind

You're not loosing your mind.....each time such thoughts come tell yourself you're going to be fine...say it out loud

Rubbish to much to think about covid, family should I divorce my hubby or just move out 🤔

I worry constantly about my husband at present as he has some problems, this to me is a big worry although he has not been diagnosed with anything serious, thank God but he has had a few health problems which have been treated, at present we are waiting for an answer on a stool sample which is a concern. He has not had any problems since 2 weeks ago when he had an upset stomach after eating the same as me, he did pass a small amount of blood but our G.P said via a telephone call that he may have torn a fissure, since this time all has been alright and he has been "going" alright.

He also has bad arthritic knees, hips and anklising spondylilitis (neck) arthritis and all of this gets him very low. He also has days where he says he feels "ukky" and has not got much of an appetite although eats well when he feels like it. On top of this he worries about every single little thing, he has also had Rhinoplasty which did not work as expected and he suffers from post nasal drip this has recently caused him a lot of problems, he has had an ear infection, which has led to his nose with a horrible discharge now been cleared up with nasal spray from his G.P. Another thing he has is depression as our neighbour of 4 years is an alcoholic plus drug user, same age as my husband 64, we have had all these years of loud teenage music from him all hours resulting in the local P.C.S.O's being called out on several occasions, has also been reported to our housing association but even with police evidence, our diaries of what has happened refused to move this neighbour. We have had 3 different A.S.B case workers, well 2 the other was our area housing manager who actually heard the noise herself but would not do anything to help us, like go to court even though the p.c.s.o said he would back her up as he would not want to live next to someone like this. The 2nd A.S.B officer lied to us as he said he had placed some kind of recorder in the perpetrator's home, and we were to take note of the time, date, what was heard etc., which we did for well over a month, and when I emailed this person to ask what he had recorded I was told it had a problem so left it for a couple of weeks and got told the problem had not been sorted out yet. So getting fed up I asked again only to be told by our housing officer that this person had now left and they also informed me there was no such thing left in the perpetrator's home. All the sleepless nights we have had because of our neighbour and then we religously sent emails with what was asked of us, felt betrayed, upset and cross all mixed in together. My husband was also assaulted by this neighbour and I reported him to the Police, who took a statement from us both as I was verbally assaulted by this horrible person. I am also registered disabled and am lots of medication which includes Morphine to help with the pain I get, have an inoperable back condition. We live in a 1 bed bungalow which was previously owned by the council but then the association took over, our bedroom backs on to the front room of the perpetrator who has a large t.v. with cinema surround sound, 11 speakers in all along with a 3 ft sound bar and a sub woofer which can not be picked up to tape with any ordinary microphone or anything that we could ever afford. So now we are trying to get some rest in our small front room which consists of an old wing backed sofa and chair, my husband doesn't sleep well at all and I nod off now and again because of my medication. We are up each morning at 03:45 and this is when our day begins. The perpetrator goes off to work but "snorts" and is often still over the legal limit through drink, but still drives his work's truck, this is his 3rd employment in the spate of 4 months. My husband and I never use our bedroom as we know we would not be able to rest even if we were sick. This perpetrator is not afraid of anyone or so he said to us, have put in for a move after 18 years of building a forever home for ourselves, and this breaks my heart as can see the house where I was born, my step farther still lives there but my dear mum went to sleep in June 2013 and I miss my mum as I know that mum would know what to do about this horrible situation. I am suppose to send all the details about this to a solicitor recommended by the C.A.B but 4 months down and I still have not got round to it, there is so much to do and my husband is not well, I worry and feel so poorly that this has not been done yet, and do not know where on earth to begin.

Bless you for everything xxxx

Your welcome and I am sorry about what’s going on i bet it’s super hard for both of you to cope with I will be thinking of both of you 😊

God bless you xxx

Thank you to you as well 😊💕

Going 🙂



My depressions pretty bad lately.

Hb2003 in reply to BlackOnyx

I am sorry about that

BlackOnyx in reply to Hb2003


Justgood in reply to BlackOnyx

Hugs!!!! You're not alone and you will scale through...

BlackOnyx in reply to Justgood

hugs back. thanks.

im having super bad anxiety since i jus found out my parents are getting divorced

Oh my god I am really sorry

thanks, im ok tho its just gonna be hard getting used to all the change

I'm consciously and actively making efforts to remain positive even when im drifting towards being sad and moody, I make a conscious effort to talk myself out of it....

Been a rough week but we will survive and smile ....

Hb2003 in reply to Justgood

Good 😊 that’s the spirit I’m rooting for you

Justgood in reply to Hb2003

Thank you

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