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Anxiety and Depression can paralyze a person. It can be life threatening. I try to help my clients learn to deal with these illnesses. I am always looking for new or original things for clients to do. I suffer from anxiety as well.

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Hello srtter60. Welcome. Other experienced professionals in the mental health and medical field are forum members. The forum is fortunate to have them, as well as very many non-professionals who are experienced and wise in their own right. Again welcome and please share anything you would like.

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Thanks for reaching out. i think it is important to know that therapists have issues too and have to manage emotions and feelings just like anyone else. I pride myself in being open and being able to share with my clients.

I applaud your efforts to find a professional that you can work with. It is important to believe in what treatment you pick. i would suggest finding a good person to speak to who might involve your husband to help him understand anxiety. The could help him be more understanding and teach him to communicate better with you instead of yelling and punishing you by not going out to eat. It always helps when a couple are together and understand each other.

I am not responding as a therapist now just another person with anxiety. If you can wipe the tears away. Go out without him don't let him ruin your day. Tell him you are going out ask him if he would like to come and join you in having a good day. i know a lot of men like your husband usually to scared to see a therapist. No matter what don't give up find the right person for you to see . work on yourself. Get stronger.

What kind of therapist should I go to. Therapist or psychologist. And for what reasons

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I am a social worker LCSW. I. Am biased and think a LCSW will be most helpful for a full range of social issues that include your family. When you describe yourself as a prisoner in your own home that is very sad and concerning.

For Medication a good psychiatrist or Nurse Practioner is fine

Also a psychologist may be fine to as long as they pat attention to social issues.

I can't handle my emotions

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Hello there, first I want to let you know that it's okay to cry it out. Only you know yourself & emotions so if you think you need medication or a new psychiatrist go for it. Don't let someone else stand in the way of your well being. Next if your husband disagrees with all that you're doing to improve your life, then maybe it's time to walk away or take a break from each other. Sometimes this helps each person grow, take better care of themselves, actually open each other's eyes to how or why they were misguided and awful to one another. This was my experience with my partner, we separated quite a few times and each time we both grew & learned how to better support ourselves and each other. We're now about 21 years going strong and know when to love & hug more or take a step back for space.

Lastly, I don't know you or your husband at all but don't believe that Kratom is going to help you in any way and will most likely increase anxiety. My opinion and advice is to stay away from it, unless you happen to have an issue with opioids. Kratom is well known to me except I've never used it since getting sober. Sorry for the long post and I hope your day gets better.

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Good advice.. I hope there is no violence from Husband if so call domestic violence hot line

Well welcome, and it's important to hear that you have experience with your own issues.

Depression and anxiety are so hard to manage. I go to a meditation class, going to church again . Volunteer work with the senior centers and food bank and it’s still not enough but I’m still trying

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