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I quit drinking on October 2 and today for the first time since, I’m craving


I’ll try to keep busy but I feel depleted of energy as I worked hard all day. Hmmmm I looked through a lot of my old art and I think the bringing up of the past has caused this hunger to drink. I don’t want to let myself down but at the same time I’m so stressed and I want to drink one beer... but I’m afraid that it will just turn into me turning to it again often like in the past. So I’ll be strong... just wanted to write it out to process it and to be heard.

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Stay strong sis xxx


The fact you are able to stop yourself and write this post is a HUGE achievement so well done! Find a distraction and don't let the drink win! You are strong x


Starrlight, I'm glad you reached out. You're looking for that quick fix but realistically

know that the one beer isn't the answer. More power to you my friend.

I hope others struggling with the same craving for alcohol reach out to you.

You know you are never alone on this site We love you :) xx

Starrlight in reply to Agora1

Awwwww thank you sooooo I love you guys too. Yeah it’s not worth it... I keep repeating the words Stay Strong. I’ve got this.

Agora1 in reply to Starrlight

A big smile from me to you :) xx

Starrlight in reply to Agora1

Another big smile from me back to you 😊

Hi Starrlight, from a recovering alcoholic...hold on tight. I quit drinking 4 years ago, and have had a couple of slips since then but have been able to sustain my sobriety. Cravings suck. About the only thing I could find to help was to try to change my situation...if I was at home alone and started craving, I would either find someone to visit or go shopping or something, anything to take me out of the situation. I will be pulling for you.

Awesome job! I think I will have many years sobriety too some day. Good advice


You can do this 👍👍 it hurts but you're strong😊

Starrlight in reply to Hidden

Thank you Loki!!!

Hidden in reply to Starrlight

I'm rooting for you👍 I believe you can do this😊

Starrlight in reply to Hidden


I’m not gonna preach to you as I am an alcoholic. I can only say stay strong.

Starrlight in reply to Noquarter


Star: Thinking of you and hoping you can get through this. ❤️

Starrlight in reply to Dolphin14

Thank you ... I think I’m making it,... I am getting stronger... part of me though just wants to feel carefree and not so much going on in my mind

Dolphin14 in reply to Starrlight

That's so good to hear. Stay strong you can do it. ❤️❤️❤️

Very nice piece. Love this one too.

You inspire me with your talent. My dog could paint better than me. 😂😂

Stay strong. 🌺💜🌺💜🌺💜🌺💜

😆 thanks beautiful RoxieDawn

Keep the pictures coming .....you’re very gifted 🙃


Great picture

Starrlight in reply to Kkimm

Thanks Kkimm 😊

Keep up the good work

Starrlight in reply to bonkers65

Thank you Bonkers!!! Hope you are well.

Also from a recovering alcoholic, one of my best “go to” when I had cravings was ice cream. Your body is still wanting that fast energy that alcohol gave you. The carbs in the ice cream satisfied that . The small weight gain was worth the better life I had without the alcohol. The cravings eventually subside and so does the weight. The timeline varies with each individual. As you are doing now, sharing your experiences with the struggle is also top priority. One minute at a time. Good luck.👍🏼

Starrlight in reply to Isinatra

That’s awesome! I love ice cream. I’ve gained from the new meds I take but I’m happier so I know exactly what you mean.


You did a good job. So proud of you! Keep strong.

Starrlight in reply to Hidden

Awww thanks Tigger 😊 that means a lot

Amazing achievement to quit drinking,well done! Keep reaching also difficult when your heads feeding you shit. Your amazing!!!❤

Starrlight in reply to Simpsons

Thank you so much! I think you’re amazing too! I made it through It’s a new day!

Simpsons in reply to Starrlight

Fantastic! Well done ❤. I quited a while back and something I find really helps me is AA. Its a wonderful caring community. At the moment you can connect all over the world on zoom.

Starrlight in reply to Simpsons

I did AA in the past and it’s really not for me but I like the serenity prayer and I like taking it day by day mindfully.

Simpsons in reply to Starrlight

What you've done so far is truly AMAZING! I love the serenity pray too. Keep in touch and let me know how you're doing, praying for you❤

hiStarrlight,I didnt realise you were going thru a difficult patch,I was drink dependent for at least 20yrs I needed to have one 2or 3,and went thru a helluva time ,,,I was also on 5mg Diazapam at the time and it was only the past 6 yrs of my life that I was given 2mg and the stress is there the build up ,but at least I dont need thos 3drinks to give me a sleep--Im in my mid 7os and feel very happy,inasmuch as I no longer need that bloody drink--you have done very well and you should be very pleased with yourself--- I can uderstand the cravings,,,,but ice cream has helped my somewhat pickled tongue and you have a husband and family,take care I,wish you all the best.

(((((((((((((((((((((HUGE hug))))))))))))))))))))))))

Reaching out

Hi I have a friend that's a binge drinker but she's been clean for for 5 months and she keeps busy talks to friends also she says this too shall pass and it's only a craving for a brief moment and don't think about it and keep moving forward. its wonderful u quit drinking. think of what a good day tomorrow will be. Maybe try drawing some new art and not looking at the old one for a while if that helps. also drink a club soda or ice tea or a hot tea. my prayers are with you. you can get thru it💖💖💖Rose

Thank you 🌹

As the mother of an alcoholic, who had 8 years sobriety and then decided to drink again, I know what a struggle it is. It is such a devastating disease. Sometimes just owning that you want to drink can relieve some of the desire. I hope you pull through on this current craving. Anyone who has experience with alcoholism is routing for you today. Stay strong, you can do it.

Thanks! I did it. It’s a new day. So glad I didn’t give in. Thanks you guys!!!

How is your don or daughter doing now, Texasbonnet?

He has been and out of work for over 2 years because of his binge drinking. How he has hung onto his townhouse I'll never know, but am glad he has. He called just a few minutes ago to tell me he was okay. I think I finally got through to him to let me know he is okay. Him calling me or texting me doesn't mean I am going to do or say anything except thank you and I am glad you are still with us.

Thank you for asking. Have a safe day or night wherever you are.


Starrlight, star bright, I hope your day goes right.

(((((((((((((((((((Huge hug)))))))))))))))))))))) you too!!!

Starrlight dear,I hear you!!! I think I understand, too. Please try to do everything you possibly can to de-stress. Something creative and present ( I agree, looking at your older works of art mat have started this...)...be in nature, your food, so to speak...stay close to your sons, your husband...can you make plans with friends?...play with your dog...try to get lost in a great book...a great movie...only think about how incredible you are...think about all of your talent...do something that you know will make you laugh...do something that releases endorphins...write...

Hope this helps. Please let us know how you're doing.

Much caring and healing hugs!!!

All the emogi's I wish I had!!!

Starrlight in reply to sophie4


Don't even get me started on how your painting affects me!!! (big smile).Plan a huge celebration for December 1st!!!

Go to In the Rooms.com for an A.A. meeting. It will work wonders if your open to it!

Hi friend hope you are ok....

Hey friend I’m okay how are you?

Ugh might lose one of my dogs for Xmas but I try to keep perspective. Opens up room for another friend in need if anything. Still waiting for that Q AND A session with the almighty

So sad 😞 What’s wrong? Why might you loose a dog? I’m sorry it’s always so hard to loose a pet who are our dear friends.

His belly been blowing up from a cancerous mass bleeding internally

Oh no. Will you have him put down so he can stop suffering? I’m so sorry my friend. (((((((((Hug)))))))))

Yes eventually, he’ll let us know :(

I am so sorry. There is nothing as hard as having to make the decision to put down your friend. You know one of the best things about being an adult is you can have all the dogs you can handle and any kind.

Thank you it means a lot.....we have 4 50+ pounders now and two sons I can’t hold any more dog in my home until my boy bows out :(

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