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My depression


I had lost my mom when in 2016 and being a "mommy's boy" then, I took it a lot and tried to deal with the depression alone but I tried to hold on to one person still close to me; my father. Had final someone again I could hold on to, to prove myself to and make proud but late July I lost him too and lost every power to fight and felt lonely and abandoned again and felt back to an even greater anxiety and depression, unable to think or do thing well again

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Those are the great people in your life and losing the support, love and caring that you would have got - so sorry Do you not have partner or other family like brother or sister?

FrancisT in reply to Indieabc

Yes I do but I don't fill that same attachment since when I was moving from one area to another it was always with my Dad. He was more like my big brother

Indieabc in reply to FrancisT

You have to carry on with the dreams and hopes they had for you - believe in the future they guided you towards and keep their memories alive by living the best life

Do you believe in God and that your parents would be cheering you on

FrancisT in reply to Indieabc

Yes I do believe it's just I feel emotionally and physically detached from everybody else. Feels like no one knows me and I don't feel like opening up to them

I’m so sorry you suffered the loss of both parents so close together. Talking about the depression might help you recover and this is a good place to do so. Hope you find sympathy and support here.

FrancisT in reply to Phil-4-13

Thank you

Hi Francis,

I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your parents. When I lost my parents, just like you, I was physically and emotionally detached from everybody. I didn’t want to open up my feelings to anyone. It was painful because I love my parents so much. It’s been years, I have moved forward though I still cry whenever I miss them.

Give yourself time to grieve. Time will come that you will be completely healed emotionally. It’s normal to be sad because you love them. So cry whenever you miss them.

We are here for you so please keep posting. I hope you will find comfort here as you continue to share about anything. I pray for God’s comfort to surround you as you go through this difficult time. Keep us posted.

FrancisT in reply to pink318

Thanks so much I will try to get myself some time and hopefully dis time will pass

Hi Francis

Parents cannot be with us all the time throughout the life, they have to leave and go. You were lucky to be a mommy's boy, I never had one to fall back on. Look around yourself, you will find people who care. Start talking a little, vent out your affection. We are here, I am here to listen to you. There are so many with whom you can have a true heart to heart talk, expand yourself and see how beautiful this world is.

Loads of love and affection.


FrancisT in reply to Aawasthi

Thanks will try to vent out a little but might take some time since I'm a little of an introvert but I'll push myself

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