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Do y'all have a show that y'all go back to for comfort?


I always go back to Supernatural when feeling down. It helps me every time.

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Hi there. I don’t know if this counts but dr phil is on all day as background sound, not loud. People like to diss him, but something about his voice calms me.

That counts. I like watching clips on YouTube.

Hi Spider man, your username makes me smile because I just watched all three Toby McGuire movies with my brother, who has recently become a spider man fan! 🙂 now he wants me to watch the Spider-Man Multiverse with him! He keeps telling me how good it is. 😄

To answer your question, I haven’t seen Supernatural yet. What is it specifically about the show that helps you feel better? Once Upon a Time is a favorite of mine because I like fantasy. The most uplifting part to me is Henry, the true believer, he is such a great kid and has so much faith. His faith cheers me up!

“The point of fairytales is not that dragons exist, but that they can be defeated!”

Hey, just thought I'd mention I love Toby McGuire as Spiderman too!!!! For me I just can't get into the other Spiderman movies, Spiderman will always be him and Kirsten Sunset will always be MJ.🙂

I like that the original Spiderman movies were more connected to the comics. I think Toby was a great Peter while Andrew was a great Spiderman. I think Tom Holland does a great job capturing Peter and Spider-Man.

I love Once Upon A Time and Spider-Man. I think the monsters on Supernatural as my demons, depression and anxiety. I love the relationship between the brothers and the music. I was always a fan of Emma and Hook. I like that Once a Time always used hope and people can be good.

I can see how thinking of the monsters that way would make the show very relatable! Do you think having experienced anxiety and depression has given us more appreciation for the enjoyable things in life? Many of the things I always enjoyed, especially music and song lyrics, are so much more meaningful to me now that I have been through depression. It’s like it has given more depth to life.

Yeah to me Emma being stuck in disbelief for so long is like people who are suffering from depression without having the light of faith to get them through. Can’t say I like Hook much but I enjoy August, grownup Pinocchio. And Jefferson, the Mad Hatter! I enjoy his performance so much.

I don't really watch much television anymore, I'm online and on YouTube too much. Sometimes I like to watch reruns of Friends, I love Phoebe the best actually, but they're all great.

I love Phoebe too.

Me too. She’s the best!

For me it’s oldskool Thomas the tank engine (before it went cgi) or Goldbergs,or Friday night dinner.

I watch all three over and over every day.

Spiderman99 in reply to LDAutie

That's great. Have you ever seen The Middle?

I know we all come from a variety of beliefs and backgrounds, but, while there is not necessarily a show I go to, the text of the Gospel of Mark is one that I really enjoy. Even if one is not a Christian, if one reads it metaphorically, I really like the image of the empty tomb and the women fleeing just before the story ends. To me, this symbolizes the hope we experience in the midst of sorrow and tragedy. It feels like there's no way forward; hope seems faint, yet there is still hope. Even if the "Jesus" in our lives seems absent, it's risen; we just have to keep looking for it. It reminds me a little bit of when my teenage trauma ended. I was glad it was over, but I felt so depersonalized and numb. I was one of the women fleeing from the empty tomb, not necessarily the brave disciple who instantly accepts good news and shares it with everyone. Hope begins dimly.

I love your take on the Gospel!

Thank you. I needed that. God is my life. My favorite verse: So don't worry about anything. Tell God what you need and Thank him for what he has done. Then you experience God's peace which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7. I say it in all my panic/anxiety attacks.

camping documentaries

What about that calms you? Do you enjoy camping?

Yes. It helps me cool down post argument.

That's great!!

And yes I do love it.

what are your favourite shows?

Supernatural, The Middle, The Flash, Stranger Things and more. I have a lot.

I never miss Supernatural. I thought it would never start up again. Sad this is the last season. 15 years was a great run wasn't it. Sam and Dean will be missed as will Castiel . As a fan, you probably know Sam is doing a new show on CW. That should be interesting.

Spiderman99 in reply to KCindy

Yeah, I will continue to support Jared and Jensen. It's crazy. I started watching the show 7 or 8 years ago. The show started when I was 10.

I still really enjoy Everybody Loves Raymond

My go to has been and always will be is Doctor Who, watched the pandorica opens last night, lifelong fan from '63 still have over 40 vcr pre-recorded tapes including the 2 films with Peter Cushing

Wow! That's amazing. My sister loves Matt Smith as the Doctor.

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