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What brings you hope?

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Thinking that says things will work out and be okay

Remembering hard times I’ve gotten through

Thoughts of and prayers to angels and God

Recalling that after every difficulty comes ease

Seeing hawks reminds me of guidance and good things that are to come.

Thinking about/using my support system

Taking time to take in nature to reconnect with my soul

*What brings you hope?

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Life not knowing what is round the corner as thing changes.

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Starrlight in reply to Mia898

So possibility of things changing for the better gives you hope?

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Mia898 in reply to Starrlight

Yes :) Or the worst you have to ride with it.

What brings me hope is having a platform like this, people like you I really connect to, people who understand that this is incredibly hard for single people , and good friends xxxx

Yes! Me too ❤️ 😊

I unfortunately have no hope left anymore. I know that things won't/ can't change around for me anymore. You hit a certain time in your life and you say-forget it-just give up. There's nothing to be hopeful for. Some things won't change because it's just too late. I need too much help to change my life, and am willing to accept none of it. I somehow muddle through a very long day at work with children, and look forward to the night, when sleep comes. It's the only time I'm at peace . It's been like this for several months.

Can I help at all, if not sending virtual hugs xxx

Thank you for the virtual hugs. 🙂

Anytime xxx

I’m listening. I can relate. At one point every morning was torture. All day, hell. I don’t know why but it was just that way... after months it stopped and I was let free a bit. Chemical changes I guess. Then a medication change too.

You are so beautiful and important on this earth. Please don’t give up. We will help hold you up. ❤️

Thank you Starrlight.

❤️ ❤️ ((((((((((Down)))))))))) ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

You can pm me anytime okay? I’m here for you ❤️

Thank you so much Starr-and of course the same goes for you.

Thank you soooo! ❤️

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Hidden in reply to Downandout123

I'm sorry to hear this. Sending you prayers.

"Unwilling" is such a strong word. Could trying to accept where you're at help ease the burden some?

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Downandout123 in reply to Hidden

Thank you. Accepting it is out of the question. This life is totally wrong, in so many ways for me. And Covid doesn't make my already isolated life any better.

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Hidden in reply to Downandout123

I'm sorry it's hard. You're right; covid-19 doesn't help matters.

Sorry down and out...I hear you. It’s hard to be hopeful. I had a really nice day on Saturday and then poof it was gone. Why can’t we accept help - I think I’m making myself worse...I’m so depressed - been on so many meds and I know that’s what they’ll say, more meds II go round and round too - muddle through the day until sleep comes

I am so sorry that you are feeling hopeless too. This depression I'm going through is different than the "regular" sort. This is just a deep.down hopelessness in everything in life. Plus, I own a day care center and my days are SOO damned long. But it's not even the kids causing the depression. Not really anyway. It's the reality that nothing will ever change going forward. And Covid has brought my already stunted social life, to practically a halt. Unless I see my daughter, I am in this house 24/7. Day care on one floor. I live on the bottom floor. It's like you said-keep.changing meds, and for what? In my case, for nothing. I hope you somehow see yourself out of this terrible state, and can live happily and at peace.

The people on this site! I’m alone when not working and it’s been and continues to be very hard. It’s been a lifeline to connect with so many wonderful caring people from so many places.

(((((((((Spinner)))))))) niiiice

I too am alone when not working. Weekends are terribly hard.

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Starrlight in reply to Molt_Maca

❤️ (((((((((Molt_Maca))))))))) ❤️ love to you , sorry weekends are hard. What do you think might help?

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Molt_Maca in reply to Starrlight

It's a mixture of things. There are many issues about my past and my family that I just haven't been able to 'solve'. Forgiveness to myself and my family is just something I don't know how to deal and work with. I know and I want to forgive, let go and continue with my life but I just don't know how or where to begin.

I know they don't even need to know that I have forgiven them (heck, they don't even know how hurt I've felt all my life), since forgiveness is a very personal and internal process, but like I said, I don't know where to begin.

I wish to forgive my mom more than anyone else. She is almost 79 and it would devastate me if she died before I forgave her, but the relationship between us is so damaged, broken, and basically non existant.

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Starrlight in reply to Molt_Maca

I hear you and I have trouble finding forgiveness too ...maybe it comes as we take time to heal and be gentle with ourselves... I think it just comes naturally when we are ready.

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Molt_Maca in reply to Starrlight

No, forgiveness is something we have to work on, it doesn't come naturally.

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Starrlight in reply to Molt_Maca

Yeah I guess you are right... I do work on it by thinking of it and working with my therapist to sort out feelings and then before I know it there’s forgiveness so I guess It seems natural but you are right it takes work.

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All_alone in reply to Molt_Maca

I have the same issue on how and where to begin with forgiveness. You are not the only one.

Forgiveness is for your benefit not for the other parties involved. They don’t even have to be around for forgiveness to be effective in your life if you are sincere and willing to accept the day by day work it requires

You are blessed. For me it’s hard to focus on the little amazing things in life when I worry. So I’m trying to stay in the present moment but stuff keeps popping up distracting from the life of now. Any tips? It seems you have some things figured out.

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Letter1 in reply to Starrlight


People like you give me hope!

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Starrlight in reply to Rosco49

Thanks! And people like YOU give me hope too!!!!

Awww 🥰 love to you. I’m glad you try your best. You’re doing great! You have a lot going on my friend. Do you have anyone in your life who can help you with taking care of your worries?What kind of exercise do you do in mornings? That’s great you have the motivation. Keep up all you are doing as it will pay off.

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I love your list, Starrlight!!

Here's mine:

My husband

Seeing a butterfly

being in nature

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Starrlight in reply to Hidden

Oh niiiiiice I love the seeing a butterfly one especially 🦋 May you have beautiful moments today MinnieMouse

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Hidden in reply to Starrlight

Thank you😊 You too!

You are amazing RoxieDawn, simply amazing!

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Honestly ? Nothing at the moment but I’m trying to find some

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Starrlight in reply to Hidden

It’s good to be honest. I think we’ve all been there. What’s going on if you feel like sharing why no hope? If not I totally understand.

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