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Hobbies? Things that bring you joy?

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Please tell me what you do to bring joy into your life, it could be the smallest, to the largest thing. It doesn't matter. I'm having a very hard time right now. 😥Why does it seem like so many people are into all this stuff that I just have no interest in? Lots of people are into exercise, yoga, skiing, etc. Not me. I just cannot find a true passion in my life to go after.

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I was never into exercise as such but I've now decided to spend time at the gym every weekend. This could extend one's life and bring about hormonal changes. If you have trouble finding time for this, do it just once a week, like me.

I also play chess at the local club. I'm also learning a second language - Hindi.

Surfing and football

hill walking and football but nothing will give me more joy than my two kids.

It’s out there. I recently found mine. Drawing and painting. I can get lost for hours.

Drawing and painting-I've always wished I had that gift!!. I don't think it's something you can learn. I think you have to be born with that talent. I own a day care center and the 4 year olds can draw better than me. 😳😳

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I have not had any artistic ability until recently. It’s strange. I was just like you. The brain is fascinating.

I recently began praying and researching my faith. Something I have been putting off to the side for the past ten years. It has become my saving grace. I have so much understanding of what my true role in life is now. I am happy to really see the beauty and wonders of the Lord. He is all the joy I need.

That is absolutely BEAUTIFUL Emily and I am very happy that you found what makes you happy!!

It seems to me that doing things that involve nature somehow are what will make me feel a little bit of peace at times.

For example I’d put a little bird feeder out back so I can watch it from the back porch and from the kitchen window. This is the first time I’d ever had a bird feeder - we are finally in a house where the cats can see outside safely from the screened in porch.

It’s truly something wonderful to see these beautiful birds come to the feeder everyday like clockwork.

I’ve been watching this one gorgeous pair of cardinals raise young about 3 or more times.

I also started going outside with my iPhone and taking pics of little things that catch my eye-like a little dragonfly perched on a leaf, a lizard peeking out from his nearly perfect hiding place inside a bush, an artsy looking web made by the teeniest of spiders...

It’s really helped me to appreciate these little everyday things and it also helps to take my mind off of my depression sometimes.

Hello Down.

I try to stay busy and busy i am

(Insomnia,adhd,anxiety) I draw some. Sometimes I'll do some tattooing. I. Also like scraping old electronics and building things with motors from them like tattoo machines and some other tools. I am also getting into the refining if the precious metals in said electronics...Ain't no rest for the wicked ( or for the depressed insomniac with racing thoughts at all times). 🤪

Good luck in finding something you enjoy doing..Also YouTube has lots of do it yourself series. Lots interesting things and ideas. GL friend.

Thank you all for your help. I AM busy. Busy with work every day, and I have 3 dogs to keep me busy. But I suffer from depression and I have nothing to really look forward to on the weekends.I do crafting of different kinds, not all the time, but I need something to get me out of the house on the weekends. I have a few close friends, and I have a grown daughter, but it's just not enough. What I'm really looking to do is date again, but that has not been working out for me at all. Dating sites are AWFUL.😣 So i need to stay FOCUSED on something and not let the depression keep creeping in every day.

Well I hope it won't be strange to all who's reading, but the thing that makes me happy is making tattoos. I love to draw on skin, it can calm down me. Well it's all started 2 years ago, when I was in college It was boring, so I started drawing on my skin. I did really great pictures, so I decided to learn how to make tattoo. If anybody is like me, I was usingtattooist.com/

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