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What brings you joy?

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Hi friends,

New here and looking for a way to live a happier life despite the tough times in 2019. I read once that we can't rely on others to make us happy. We have to find our own joy. I've been mulling this over and realizing so much of my life is "busy" but not with things that bring happiness. For 2020, I'd like to commit to more time to things that bring joy. I'm thinking time at the beach, going on walks/runs with my kids, reading the occasional nonfiction or classic, learning to cook exotic foods or working my way through cooking the skinnytaste desserts, and getting out there to kayak again.

What about anyone else--what brings you joy? Have you done it lately? :)

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My job brings me the most joy and then taking my daughter out shopping, to lunch, out with her friends. Taking a nice bath with a facial. Fuzzy pj's. Its the little things that make me smile.

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I'm with you...small creature comforts are so welcome...

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Sometimes that's all we have.

It sounds like you're in for a great 2020. :)

A couple of the things that bring me joy are dancing (even though I have no rhythm or talent) and being around my whole family (it's always hilarious).

Money. I like money. I like being a workaholic and a shopaholic. It works for me. It brings me joy to get stuff in the mail. I love stuff. I like to buy stuff to put my stuff in neatly. Yep......working and consuming. Peaceful insides.

Wow!!! Great words if wisdom,it REALLY resonated with . Im going to try keep this in mind,infact might even put a sticky note somewhere. When I think about it my life is probably 90% doing the housework,stressing, working in the yard . Do I really need to spend so much time getting things done . All important things that need doing but is so much time necessary ,could I get my kids to help more so we can go places ,like the beach or for a walk ,baking .......... Am I being robbed of all the good things in life that I love. I definitely think so ! Thankyou for sharing that ❤️😄

You're welcome! It hit me like a mack truck that I was spending all my time doing what was needed too. I like your ideas for yourself!

That’s what my mother said she regretted when my brother and I got older. Too much time spent cleaning and trying for something she could never reach instead of letting us ‘clean’ our rooms and then go to the science museum.

I love the beach in the summer with a good book.

I love to walk outside in the fall.

I love to read when I can focus.

I love time with my family.

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How beautiful.

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All the things you list are things I used to enjoy. Now I can barely get out of bed in the morning and could care less...and I have it all...family, friends, money...

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I'm sorry things are so difficult for you. It takes a lot of time and effort to get well. I'm turning corners I never thought I would. I hope that happens for you soon.

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That’s wonderful.

If ir weren’t for my family, my overall fear of death and of going to hell, I would be gone. Trauma destroyed me and what I once had.

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Yes, trauma changes our life. The whole path we are on shifts. With the right tools things can change.

I hope you are able to enjoy your holiday with your family.

Merry Christmas 🎅🏻🌲

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Thanks....feeling a bit hopeless though.m

For many years I used to stay busy with everyone else and their needs, working like a mad women, and always helping out others with their problems, wants, and needs, I did all that because I didn't want to deal with my own issues, they were too painful and I didn't know how to. But what I did find after getting years of therapy and proper meds, was that doing anything creative helped me feel good about me, helped me to stop thinking about stuff, and the positive reinforcement was something I lacked in my life as a kid. So now, I paint, before I used to do ceramic art....I did it for over 30yrs until I had to sell my wheel and move half way around the globe. I also really enjoy photography, but don't get out much these days. I think anything that is positive, constructive, and makes you feel good is important for us.

I love this, nice words of wisdom!

I am happy you got something out of my own experiences....I think we all have so much to offer each other here.

Have a happy holiday....

Thank you, you too

Exercise is big for me. I feel much better when I’ve been moving, preferably outdoors even just a walk. Also reading. I think we should remember what we loved to do as children and some of that still holds true- I used to be a big reader but stopped for a while as a teenager/young adult.

Same! I scrolled through some of the book selections for local book clubs last night because I'm hoping to replace my nightly Netflix with a little reading. One of the clubs is reading the Tattooist of Auschwitz which I was able to download through my Scribd membership (if you don't have it, it's $9 per month for access to any audiobook or book in their library.) Anyway, so far it's been a somewhat familiar but interesting tale...

Our Garden, Days out to historic properties, walking Pax our dog on the beach and Promenade. Reading my book collection, that contains mostly picture books. I have a fifty book collection of postcard Picture books of all parts of Scotland they really set my memories of past visits. etc. Today and last night I was looking at a book containing photographs from the Victorian Period, UK. They are really interesting.

We are always looking at books and CDs of places we have been to. We travel during Spring, Summer, Autumn looking at various historic properties in the Winter we travel around visiting cities, museums, churches and places open at winter. We are kept busy. It is nice to have a collection of places visited during our early years, we are both Pensioners


How wonderful that you have those experiences and are able to look back on the memories with photographs :). We aren't able to afford to travel at this time in our lives, but it is one of the things that I most enjoy.

I like relaxing and taking it easy, and being able to focus when I need to. I think I enjoy playing video games a little too much lol

I would love to love myself so I could find joy as I have so much...wonderful family, friends, etc...yet I have hurt one person in particular and I am finding it hard to move on,

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