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This is forever


I’m emerging from 2 weeks of the most acute anxiety I’ve ever experienced. Now the depression is able to come to the forefront . Tonight I suddenly realized this is forever. I will always have to battle this. I’ve always thought at some point I’ll beat the feelings and thoughts and eventually it will be behind me. It won’t thought will it. I will always have to fight to get out of the dark times.

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My heart goes out to you. I understand. I hear you. I cant say it will be forever cause one day I have hope it wont ... let it be true one day it wont but I have faced this darkness dancing with the light all my life. I have good days and bad days. Some days its a mix of both. I am on a new healing journey of self respect, self advocacy, self love which is bringing me hope but I still have my mix of darkness and light dancing and I don't always understand it but this is my life. I now know something I never believed before in all my years and that is I really do matter and I really do have worth. I believe we all do and so I know you do too. I am here. I hear you and I want to say i understand. You matter!

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"Darkness dancing with the light"

That is beautiful! A book title.

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Absolutely! If you are not already a writer, you should consider it. If not a book, then an article, or poem.


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I have had this thought for so long of writing a book about my pain. The darkness dancing with the light for this has been my life.

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Thank you! This is beautiful. Darkness and light dancing.....seeing it described that way.... I can do that. Remember that I do have light and some days it’s brighter than others. I feel embarrassed when I’m feeling like this that when I’m feeling the ‘light’ I forget about everything else. I think I’m fine. Normal. How I should be. Then it goes and I remember I’m not ‘normal’. The lows will always come back and shame me. Dancing though. I like that. I may not be normal but maybe I can dance through life. Thank you xxx

Hdrion, this does not have to be a forever sentence. Once you stop fighting and accept

anxiety for what it really is, the thoughts, symptoms, and adrenaline will go away.

Not overnight since there is not a magic wand to take away your pain, but in learning

about yourself and how you handle life, you will be in more control.

Meanwhile as you get the support from the forum, I recommend getting some ground

knowledge in how to accept anxiety through Dr. Claire Weekes' book on "Hope & Help

for Your Nerves" An excellent book that has withstood many decades in theory in helping

patients overcome anxiety and it's symptoms.

I believe in her theory and use it myself. I have overcome years of severe anxiety and

agoraphobia by practicing what she preaches. I also found what works for me is Meditation

and controlled Breathing techniques. I wish you well Hdrion. :) xx

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Thank you x

Wise seems like the “acceptance” that my peers seem to preach to me.

With acceptance it becomes a challenge. When we understand that challenge it finds purpose.

I believe that purpose with that challenge is better than denial or confusion of where to begin.

Accept depression and fight back with the help of us and others!!!

😊🤗 Thankyou!

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Haha wait I don’t even know what that one flag is just thrown in there!!^^

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Neither do I but I’ll be looking it up next time I need to divert my mind from some anxiety!! Thanks for the future distraction 😄

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