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Calm before the storm


Hi I suffer with terrible health anxiety and depression along with ptsd and I found out on Monday my uncle who I was very close too until 13 years ago had passed away from a short illness of lung cancer I didn’t know he was ill. We haven’t spoken for over 13 years since my mum died we were so close at one point since I found out it’s hit me like a ton of bricks more than I thought.. and I’ve also just found out my friend has terminal pancreatic cancer she is only 50!!!

Now my health anxiety has kicked in massively keep thinking I’ve got some serious illness how daft am I... although I know it’s ridiculous but with what’s happening around me has made me so on edge keep burning up with anxiety achy legs backache that feeling of doom.. every time I lose someone or losing someone it completely rattles me to my core. It’s only when this happens otherwise I’m ok I don’t understand why

Sorry to bother you all

Just feel lonely and out of sorts

Nat xx

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Awwww its ok im here

Please don' apologize, this forum is for anyone who is in of encouragement and understanding. You are entitled to ask for help. I am sorry you are going through a rough phase.

thanks so much both of you xx

Since losing my dad- 11 years ago- I have major health anxiety too. You are not alone. Some us get shaken to our core, and what makes us us changes overnight. I think we have to accept our personal challenges and be patient with ourselves

Natzsteveo in reply to Iammesues

I think your so right chick we are tough on ourselves aibt we

Nat xx

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