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Feel very lost/lonely


I've suffered with anixety/depression for a long time,im 51,id say for the last 15yrs or so. At first I didn't know why I'd feel so low and down,the panic attacks were awful,I actually thought I was going to die.i am on medication for my various probs,the reason I've joined is because my daughter who is 17 was diagnosed in January with personality disorder,she's been suffering since she started secondary school and its only now we know what is wrong.its been so hard dealing with my own issues as well as hers,she's attempted suicide multiple times,her moods are so many, it's living with so many different people.shes been deemed a danger to herself so I'm her carer.i have no help,she's been referred to personality disorder clinic,but with this pandemic,that's not happening just yet.i just get so down and lonely, no one to talk to, to listen, or say I'm doing a good job and it'll be ok.does anyone understand or is in a similar situation?

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Pm you

Hey there buddy. First let me welcome you to the group! There are so many lovely and supportive people here that truly understand. I'm so sorry to hear about what you're going through. Is therapy on the phone possible?

Tracey2968 in reply to Square251

Hiya, thanks for replying,I've had counselling before,just talking about things etc,this was before my daughter was diagnosed.it didn't really help.its just really hard,no one really understands

Square251 in reply to Tracey2968

Maybe it wasn't the right fit? I went through a dozen therapists myself before finding the right one.

I think the best thing to do is try talking with a counselor via telehealth so that you can get some good advice on how to process this. You are doing a good thing by reaching out on this forum asking for help. Hang in there!!

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