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I need help with my horrible sleep schedule!


For the past 4 years I have had extremely bad scheduled. I have been going to bed at 1 pm at the earliest and at my worst 8am. Then I would get up between 12 pm and 6pm. (I know how awful this is and I have been struggling so much changing it)

I have literally been sleeping my life away. It’s affected my health, mood, and every aspect of my life. I’ve tried so hard to get on track but I fail every time. I already have been diagnosed with multiple chronic and mental illnesses, which make my life hard enough. But my sleep schedule is something that is making my life hell at times. I’m currently 17 and I can’t keep living like this. Any advice or support would be greatly appreciated.

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I too have been struggling with sleep, how many hours on average do you get? I would maybe set some goals for yourself to get motivated and get on a better schedule. Are you on any meds that may be affecting you?

Mike7777 12 hours average, but I can easily sleep 14-15 hours. Idk possible, but I’m not sure which medication it would be is it’s a medication. I’m on 4 different ones atm.

Thats good but probably too much. Your lucky you can atleast sleep i have insomnia.

Yes I’m very grateful I can sleep. I hope you can find something to help with your insomnia. It much be very difficult to live with.

I have gad and ocd aswell. Yeah I understand, I usually feel tired too. I have found that getting up in the morning I feel so much better. But it’s so hard to wake up in the morning, when I’ve been on such a bad schedule for years. And I’m not a morning person 😕

I completely understand that. I’m the only one from my parents and 3 siblings with diagnosed mental and chronic illnesses. It can be really hard, because it makes you feel alone and different. It also make everyday life a lot harder for me than them. I’m just ashamed of my sleep schedule and trouble with schoolwork a lot. It feels like I’m the only one.

We’re you on a normal sleep schedule and going to school?

Lots of things come to mind? Eating schedules, medication schedules (and what medications you may be taking that are sedating), changes to bowel habits, etc. as our our bodies run on a clock known as a circadian rhythm. When you upset this rhythm it will take time to get back on course.

In your case, sleep restriction (only going to bed at certain times and allowing yourself to wake no matter how much sleep you get in that window which will be tough). You might have to be using alarm clocks to get out of bed. Put your eating, when you take medication, use the bathroom, shower, on this new schedule as well. It will take time and consistency. Do you have a therapist? Maybe CBT for sleep might benefit you to help you reschedule sleep, it will involve accountability if you are able to follow a program possibly.

Thanks. I never had a supper good sleep routine but at 12 years old I was going to sleep at 12am and waking up at 7:45 am. But at 13 I got very sick and since then have been diagnosed with depression, generalized anxiety disorder, ocd, hypothyroidism, irritable Bowel Syndrome, scoliosis. I also have possible fibromyalgia and am waiting to see a specialist. I have had chronic pain for the past 4 years. I am currently on 4 prescription medications, but have been on a lot of other ones over the past 4 years. I’m only 17 and I feel 70 so many days. Good health is something I haven’t had since I was 12.

I had a therapist for 2 years and I tried working on my sleep and it never worked. I had 2 different therapists. Maybe I just need another different one.

I was doing schoolwork at my school (it’s not a regular school but it’s in the public school system) but I only started doing well going starting December of 2019. Now I have to do all schoolwork from home due to covid and it’s been very hard.

My eating schedule have also been very off, so I’m sure it’s just a combination of a lot of things I need to work on and change.

Thank you for the advice. ❤️

This info definitely thickens the pot quite a bit per se. Having medical problems, mental health along side that definitely puts you into a category that isn’t going fit the normal.

I’m so sorry for what you are having to deal with. I hope despite the list of things you mentioned you have doctors that are providing therapies that can increase your quality of life, as not having normal routines, schooling, friendships and relationships, all the things you should be enjoying in your life I’m sure is truly hard. Covid-19 surely added an additional challenge.

Talk to your therapist and your parents too. Your therapist should be helping you with all things to increase your quality of life, helping you manage things better even more so with Covid-19, this goes with helping you sleep better too. I’m wishing you the best outcome, I hope your parents are able to give you guidance as well. ❤️🌸

Thank you again. ❤️

Yes definitely not normal even though I look perfectly average.

Sometimes it’s hard to live life, because I look totally healthy/normal but I’m not. But I just gotta try my best and accept my differences/limits.

Yes my mom is amazing, but she doesn’t always know what to do, because she hasn’t had experience with anyone like me before. But she is very supportive.

Thanks again 😊💗

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