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COVID19 and my mental health

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It’s like 1 o clock and I am sitting in my living room drinking gin and trying to be okay.

Cause I need to maintain a posture, I need to study and smile and cook and pretend like I am okay.

But from the inside I am dying here in the house; I feel so trapped in my room with my thoughts and the monsters under my bed.

It’s so hard to wake up, to be motivated and to keep working.

I am also so scared about weight gain cause I am eating so much.

And even though I have weekly skype meetings with my psychologist I don’t feel like I can really hold up in this quarantine, I am trying tho.

And I bet we are all trying,

So If you are trying too, let me know, then maybe I will keep trying tomorrow for both of us.

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hi there, I hear that you are struggling right now. And, yes, you are trying, and you are succeeding! You are getting up, working, and having your meeting with you mental health professional. Those are all wonderful things.

Why do you need to pretend like you're okay? For work purposes? I get that. Otherwise, I'm not sure why you would need to pretend. It is okay to feel down, especially given the state of the world. You already know what you need to do regarding both the drinking and the food (I know I had to stop buying store cookies because I will eat the entire container/box in one sitting so it's been about 5 weeks since I bought any). There are tons of exercise routines online and I challenge you to pick one 30 day plan and start doing it today. It will help your mood immensely. How about first thing in the morning you do the exercise routine and then read for 10-15 minutes? Or come here and post your feelings? How about you post here instead of drinking--for one night? We need to brainstorm about what other coping mechanisms you can come up with so that you will feel better today and tomorrow.. even if ever so slightly.

Let me know if you want to chat more (though I am only online 2-3 times/day; I'll be back in a couple of hours). Have a wonderful day.

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Thanks so much for your reply and it’s true I should just stop buying cookies and I am going to try to exercise at least 15minutes every morning just like you said. I would like to chat more.

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I think it's great that you will start exercising-- have you found a 30 day challenge yet?

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I highly recommend Yoga with Adrienne. They're on Youtube and have a number of thirty day programs.

i completely understand. i was off of work for a month. i work at a surgery center. for the first week and a half it was nice, binge watched shows, took my dog for walks, worked out at home and it was good. then i just hit a wall and the last two weeks, especially the last one i REALLY struggled. had a few breakdowns, felt like giving up. then i found this site. i come on here multiple times throughout the day. it really helps.

now i started back at work yesterday, and it isn't helping my anxiety. i have had a panic attack both mornings. this whole thing has just increased my anxiety. but being back at work and busy for part of the day helps my mind where i dont sit around and think all day.

i would try doing little work outs at home, going outside on nice days, if you have a dog take it for a walk. just little things throughout the day to help it pass by!

hoping today is a better day. one day at a time! 😊

I hope your day is better too! Thanks for reply and I sure understand you too. If working isn’t helping your anxiety maybe you should reflect what part of the working is what is triggering you? And then maybe take it one step each day on that part.

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