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Social media and mental health

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Hello guys I just wondered what your thoughts were on social media and how it impacts mental health, I deleted everything a while back and recently I’ve slowly got it back since covid19 so I can keep up with friends, family and work colleagues but I am unsure if it was the right thing to do.

I constantly feel like I am judging myself against others and other people’s life’s and I don’t feel this helps my anxiety what so ever, I am really struggling with my mental health at the moment.

Thank you

Becky x

8 Replies
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It depends....I don't do face book. The only site I am on now is this one. I have no time for BS or politics or religious stuff. I'm happy enough with just keeping in touch with family and friends by email....and I am fortunate enough to have a lovely garden and I like to paint. Live and let live, and stop and smell the roses, it's nice.

My Facebook account is deactivated (has been about 7-8 years and do not miss it), I don’t do twitter or anything else like that. Way too much ‘look at me, attention seekers’, too many opinions, just too much excessive noise that I don’t need in my already noisy brain

I’m in the old fashioned range at 52, I prefer phone calls and yes texts from my daughters have to do most days.. Face timing is acceptable right now.

That said, use what you have to for a temporary way to stay connected, losing connections can make us feel too isolated, very alone and increase depression.

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You said it sista....this over inflated sense of self importance of intagram, twitter, facebook, etc. just crack me everyone is a Kardashian...a no talent, attention seeking, mystery to the attraction to me bunch of nonsense. I am more entertained watching my cat snore on the end of the bed.

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The social media is just way too much for me. I’m lucky I have an off button on my devices.

So your cat snores too, mine literally look like they are sleeping upside down they way they twist around. Make me wonder if I should try their sleeping positions...I might sleep better.😁😁😁

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When we got our rescued baby Betty the Bold, she was still a baby, so our beloved dog at the time , Spike, was once again adopted by another kitten. Of course he was indignant that this little fur ball was nuzzling him and wanting to hang out...him being the big proud Lab he was....but then at night when you went up to the kitchen,... the two of them would be laying sound asleep together like two peas in a pod. We lost him a few years back sadly, but he is still always here in our hearts.....and so is Betty.....who oddly acts more like a dog sometimes....she will roll on her back....legs up in the air for us to pet her belly....yeah....weird....but funny as heck. Oh....and if a stranger comes to the door she kidding, it's hilarious.

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Are there other ways that you can connect with your friends and family without using social media? As in by phone, or if they're out of state, using one of those WiFi calling apps?

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Hi, I deactivated my Facebook and all the rest a few years ago. Sometimes I miss them, but not a lot because they caused me so much anxiety. So, I do email and phone calls and in person :) texting causes me lots of anxiety too so, I try to keep them brief or call folks back instead. I also don't like skyping so I'll talk to my niece and nephews on the phone instead. I just am a better friend/family member if I take care of myself.

This is a hard one. In my situation, social media is the main form of communication with friends and family.. No one really calls to talk anymore. I’ve tried many times to connect/communicate other ways, like texting or emailing, but it all comes back to social media. Facebook seems to be the popular one😕

So along with staying connected to the ones that matter, you are forced to be connected to other things that don’t really matter that can cause anxiety, stress and a lose of time. Then there’s the the problem with not being able to fully connect. With Facebook I feel as if you see only half the truth and it’s not the same as actually being there with them. I’ve tried limiting myself from social media, but it’s almost impossible with how the world has changed with the pandemic and lack of social time with anyone. Each day I try to list things that I can do around the house that doesn’t involve social media to keep me busy and limit my time. I have also limited my feed to only showing me certain things so it’s not so overwhelmingly filled with negativity. It has helped a bit.

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