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Feeling Extremely overwhelmed

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Hi everyone. Life seems like to much. I feel pressure and stress all around. I wish my anxiety didn’t get so intense. Things that are impacting this. The coronavirus pandemic, 3 exams for school, my boyfriend having a hard time handling me, job insecurities. But besides these thing I could have no worries and still feel this way. I feel emotional and physically out of sorts. Some days like today are worse then others. I truly hate it. I wish I could be like everyone else and not have to deal with this on a consistent basic. I know I’m super caring and sweet person but I feel like a mess emotionally. I just want a happy balance. My mental state is bad currently. Crying, sad, mad, confused,overwhelmed and feel like running at the same time. It’s very strange not sure what’s going on chemically in my brain. Yesterday I had a wonderful day and went to bed happy but I had a lot of energy so had to take a valerian, ashwagandha and 3 mg melatonin. Today just freaking out about everything mad , upset about everything. Maybe it’s to much internal energy. I struggle with that. If I don’t get a enough physically activity then I have to much internal energy resulting in anxiety. I feel like emotions are on overload. Head spinning, confusing, sadness, anger and very foggy. Only problem is my mind will be Exhausted but I’ll have physical energy that drives me insane!!! Does anyone else experience this? If so how do you cope? Please help😢

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If you accept this as an illness, you will not be as stressed or blame yourself. There are so many others who relate. I've been there. You can be thankful you are young and take hope in that and find solace in support outside yourself (I use prayer). Do all the anti-anxiety practices like deep breathing, exercise, good diet, and sleep. You are not alone and you are loved.

Thanks Junella I appreciate your advice. Some days are worse then others. My body is very sensitive wonder if the sleeping pill had something to do with also. So I was wondering what type of foods are does and don’t related to anxiety? Thanks again for your loving words.

I understand the way you're feeling- overwhelmed. I get it. Breath work, exercise, organization and planning.. they will help. I found it helpful a few years ago to work through the book: The Mindfulness & Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety. Another thing I have to do periodically, is going on a "med" or "herb" holiday, meaning abstaining from all those things for 3-5 days, AS LONG AS DOING SO WILL BE SAFE THING FOR YOU TO DO, and that may be something to try after you are done with your exams. Although most of want to be in loving and respectful relationships (and I admit that I, too (? - I don't know that you are), can be a difficult person to be in a relationship with especially when I"m depressed or anxious), I want to stress that you are only responsible for how you choose to deal with your feelings; your boyfriend has responsibility for his actions. If he is having a hard time, he has choices he has to make. While that may be difficult for both of you, and it may mean something not great for the relationship, it may do wonders for your life, his life, or both of your lives. I wish you some peace today.

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Will try the book that sounds great. Also take herbals . Yes been a lot of stress on him. I think because he try’s to take care of everything. Cooking, cleaning, trys help with anxiety and son. He also works and school. I used to do all these things but when my sons father passed 3 years ago . Roles changed and my boyfriend took over. I have to take things off him but some how I feel overwhelmed. Maybe alittle at a time. What herbals do you try to help yourself? Thanks for all the advice trying to make sure have a clear view of my life.

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I sometimes will take melatonin. For awhile, valerian. Kava kava tea can also be nice. :-)

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I’ll have to try kava kava tea. I bought but haven’t tried yet. Thanks

Did a doctor prescribed for you to take that range of sleep aids all at once? You're not supposed to mix prescribed meds with DIY stuff.

I like what the other responder said about treating the negative behavior as an external problem that you can take steps to deal with. You know some tricks, others on here might no more. I find 20 minutes of slow breathing to be a "reset" when I'm having racing thoughts or turbulent emotions. It sometimes also helps me sleep at those times.

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Thanks c Mac. None of the meds are prescribed. All over the counter but I should definitely be more careful I agree. Yes I’m going to put coping techniques in the background of my phone. It can be hard when your having a anxiety attack but I have to get better about it. Stop myself and breath. Cognitive behavioral techniques is also a good help. Lastly I do love meditation just have to start doing more often. Thanks so much for your response.

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