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Tell me something that makes you happy!


Can you guys share with me about your day? Or what makes you smile? I’d love to hear about it in light of this pandemic.

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Face time with my grand daughter

FaceTime is such a gift and I’m so happy you get to see your granddaughter by using it! :) thank you for sharing!

Thank you. It keeps me going right now.

I own a day care center. I've lost a lot of kids because of this pandemic, so I only have 4 kids now. Yesterday I told them that we were going to start having ice cream for snack every Friday now that it's spring. The look of total joy when I pulled out the ice cream and of course the rainbow sprinkles! Priceless!! ❤

Aww that is just precious! You are making most of it and doing a great job. Thanks for sharing :)

Thank you!


Sitting out on my deck with my family in the sunshine....fabulous!May your day be beautiful...

Sparkles & dump trucks of groovy love, peace, light, joy & hugs!

ceelovestea in reply to Hidden

That sounds fabulous! Thank you for sharing and for the love, I feel it. :)


Im happy to wake up every morning in my bed, healthy, no fevers. Good health can be gone in a heart beat, which is nothing new... it is just more in our face lately. Im also thankful for Health Unlocked so we can share with like minded people.

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Yes! Health is nothing to take for granted and I’m glad to hear you are healthy! Yes I love this community. Thanks for sharing. :) take care!

I love the peace and quiet, I love being able to hear the wind, the birds, and the air is cleaner. I love that the levels of pollution worldwide are down, and the daily insanity has calmed down....the whole world has had to just ....stop.... What we could not do ourselves to stop the insanity of mass production, pollution, war, and strife.....nature has put the brakes on us all.

I too feel like the air is clearer and the birds sound happier. Life is amazing if we just stop and breath even if it seems like the world is ending. Thanks for sharing! :)

even the hole in our ozone is healing....that's a miracle.

the weather has been mainly dry so I am getting one good dog walk each day.

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your dog must be so happy! My dog loves walks and he must feel something is different too because he wants to stay out longer. Take care of yourself and your dog. :)

When I had been studying in a college, I always stayed there after classes for one the most pleasant thing in my life. I asked a curator to let me continue working. Most of teachers and students went home. The corridors were silent and filled by the beams of the evening sun. I was alone but not feeling loneliness. And I had been painting on an easel. Had been splashing colors on paper. I just couldn't stop to do this, the other students were tired by classes, whereas I was full of energy, because painting itself fills me up with energy. I went home and even had an ache in my muscles. But I'm always happy to do this.

That sounds awesome and peaceful. Im glad you have something that fills you with energy. Sounds amazing :) thanks for sharing!

Looking into the sky

I enjoy that too. Do you listen to music while doing so? :) thanks for sharing!

my grandmothers laugh make me smile but she committed suicide because of depression

ceelovestea in reply to amtt

I am so sorry to hear that... I hope you will always remember her laugh. ❤️ thanks for sharing

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