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High anxiety- husband needs 2nd liver transplant


The anxiety from waiting and wondering is astounding and debilitating.

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My thoughts are with you during this stressful time. xx

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Thanks for your kind words.

Yes, the waiting, fear of the unknown, watching your husband struggle.

I know this well. My husband had a heart transplant 22 years ago.

What you do know is your husband received the gift of life once. He survived the wait. You've been through this before. Hang on to hope and try and be strong. At the same time let your feelings out here. Reach out to your friends and family if they are supportive. Do you belong to any support groups?

Talk it out. Don't hold your feelings in.

I 🙏. That things work out for you and your family.

Hi. Thank you for your kindness and insight. Friends and family are supportive but I think they have empathy fatigue. Ironically, in my area there are no support groups for liver transplant patients/ spouses. I spoke with transplant msw at hospital. Yes, been through it before - its difficult to go through it again. Should know more about when he will be on transplant list jan 16. Thsnks again.

I agree it must be hard to go through it again. I don't know what our future holds so that could be us some day.

Is your husband in the hospital or at home?

Hi thanks hes working now but dont know how long and when he will get on the list again- he has to be fairly sick but not too sick. Nerve- wracking...

If you ever need to talk about it shoot me a pm. I know the stress first hand.

Hi - thanks - how do I send a pm? Would like to talk.

I just sent you one

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