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Wake up feeling down and anxious


Everyday I feel like I wakeup feeling bad. My thoughts race and I cant stand my job. I feel like it all relates to making a change that scares me. I am so tired of being of feeling this way. This has been especially bad over the past few weeks and sometimes I feel better as the day goes on. My self esteem and confidence get shot down from a negative work environment and it makes my life miserable. I am sick of being sick!

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I understand that feeling time to move jobs!

guynfl2chat in reply to Afrohair

do you think its a sign to move to another position?

Afrohair in reply to guynfl2chat

Yes definitely I’ve felt like that a while in my role but it’s because the company is toxic if you can’t talk to people at work and feel loved at work where can you my last job I worked alone a lot I used to moan about it because business wasn’t doing well I really wanted them to do well cause I liked the job when I look back I was happier their so I know it means I just don’t belong in that company and am probably better in another job

Change is so scary, but once you push yourself to making the change, it is so worth it. I made a post about how I changed something in my life and I am so better off. It does take a lot of courage and pushing yourself. Being at a job that you are unhappy with is awful. You should definitely make a job search your side job and get somewhere else. Best of luck!!

I have been looking, but i have been told I need to make it a priority. I do think that once I shut off the noise of my current job it can be easier to focus on the job hunt. I actually got an offer last year, but didnt take it (salary was less), but it was a nicer company.

I took a pay cut because I wanted to be happy. I know the feeling. I'd rather be happy and broke than miserable and rich lol

hm, build some safety (at least general plan B) and quit your job. or do something similar.

When I was super displeased with my employer I simply found either another job, where I was pending to be accepted or side-hustle and once I felt I have at least minimum savings (1 months-worth of cash) and I had some income coming my way, I quit.

It's good to cut ties sometimes, especially if the environment is not developing or constrains you. E.g. my long dead former employer was pretty smart, but he was somewhat emotionally retarded, and did really dumb choices as manager (he should have as owner hired someone who actually was good at managing, and then just continue working upper level work in silence). I felt the environment was not pleasant, I did not see opportunity to learn something quickly and which would bring me happiness or money or both, and I was not rewarded too much for efforts.

I pray this finds you doing a bit better today. I have felt this way almost like you are stuck and can’t get out of something that is so toxic...but its paying bills. Hopefully you are able to find another job situation in the mean time try to just do your job and get through the day and stay away from the rest of the drama. Easier said then done I know. Sadly we are broken people and when we all get together and work around each other it gets crazy. Praying for you.

You are not alone. I wake up anxious and feeling alone and not sure how to get out of my thoughts. Im so tired of thinking this way too. Like you said, sometimes I feel better as the day goes on, but the thoughts and sadness usually come back. Im trying hard to quiet the thoughts. I’ve felt this for most of my life so I understand how you feel. I hope you are doing well and feeling better.

Thanks Kelly.. It seems tough to focus on positive thoughts in the morning. I wish we could have a virtual positive reinforcement for each day.

... can so relate to you !.. my job makes me ill and my self esteem and confidence is flat ! .. work colleague are false and follow clicks ! i don’t do clicks !

funny i just got off a conference call with my team including my manager and they are all such phonies. I just dont get how everyone can pretend to be a certain way. My boss is a true bitch and they all just let her say what she wants. With this offsite working environment she has been more aggressive to have us all jump on a stupid call to talk about nonsense.

PBGFL in reply to guynfl2chat

Hi giynfl2chat, I know the feeling. Ive been on antidepressants for years just seemed to get worse over the years. Last month I was diagnosed BP2 & GAD after a hospital visit, ended up being another panic attack. Ive worked 4 months at my current job, the anxiety is overwhelming. Working from home mostly, popping in when paperwork is needed. Either way it's stressful to deal with.

Hi Guy,

My Son passed away from an accidental overdose...

It's hard for me to share this but if it keeps one person from doing the same, it's worth it.

The Police came to my door at 7am, Friday, to tell me that 911 was called to a home in the area where my Son was unresponsive. They tried everything but couldn't bring him back.

He had met a girl at the bar, went to her house to do a line of what he was told was cocaine. But that cocaine was laced with Fentanyl and caused his death.

I'm devastated, I miss him terribly, this pain is the worst suffering I've ever experienced in my life.

I have Bipolar ll & GAD and have been able to get through the past 2 months with my current meds, now I'm just trying to get by one moment at a time. A crisis counselor came right after the Police, I have my psychiatrist appt and psychologist appt Thursday, cant see them any sooner.

I'm hanging by a thread but have to believe that I can get through this, one minute at a time.

God Bless my Son.

I am sorry to hear from about your loss. I hope you can find ways to cope with this tragedy day by day.

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