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Netflix, Anyone??? ****Based on the responses, I'm starting with YOU!!


Any good series on Netflix that you could suggest??

When my children spend their week with their dad, that’s my TV time lol. I watched the series,

The Crown - LOvE it!!

Wentworth - Wayyyyy better than Orange is the New Black

Money Heist - intelligently written (my personal opinion of course )

Luther - Awesome detective series, another great well written series.

I need something else??

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Dead to Me..... So good I binged the whole season twice. Also Dark..... Creepy time travel type series. Loved it!!

Okay I’m going to check out them out Sunday for sure!!!!

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Will try this too thanks!

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I second Dead to Me!!! So good!!

YOU on Netflix, its really dark, but it’s a really good series and the second season just came out

I heard about YOU, I will check it out

Yes yes yes- I love You! Put it at the top of your list 😉

Similar to Dexter on HBO

Try Raising Dion, All American, Lucifer

I’ve watched Raising Dion, I was thinking about Lucifer

I second The Crown. I’ve watched all 3 seasons. Tales of The City is a hoot and touching. And if you like SciFi, Lost in Space is great.

Oh okay I’ll check those two out. Do you think I’m S4 they will do an episode of princess Diana with Prince Charles since they showed Camilla?

Hi... Diana along with the 1981 royal wedding will show up in the 4th season... about a year from now. The recently released season 3 just introduced Camilla. The actor who played Charles was amazing especially with his romance with Camilla. Also both women who have played Queen Elizabeth so far have been flawless.

Omg yessss the actor who played Charles did great and I actually didn’t know Charles was that much of the “free spirited” type when he was younger! Even though I know some of the stories were based on true actually events with some fantasy to it!! I can’t wait to see the series with Diana how that will show the relationship with the Queen, Charles and Camilla. It’s going to be awesome!!! And yesssss I also agree the younger and older Queen did fantastic along with her husband. I loved the last episode along with how they showed the relationship with the Queen and her sister. Sorryyyy I can go on and on about The Crown lol

I remember 1969, I was 10. Broadcast around the world, Queen Elizabeth was crowning Charles as Prince of Wales. The Crown re-enacted it superbly (along with that ghastly tacky hat the Queen was wearing ... in my humble opinion).

When my Mom was alive she loved the Queen. In the crowds she was at Charles/Diana’s and Andrew/Fergie’s weddings. She was also there for the Queens Golden Jubilee in 2002.

If you get the chance on YouTube they have videos over the years of the Queen’s annual Christmas speeches. I do find them quite touching to watch. She always speaks of love, unity, family, progress, and her faith.

That's amazing your mom was able to be apart of something so wonderful in person!! I have watched her annual Christmas speeches. I do love to hear them. You can tell it is genuine and unique. I have never heard any other speeches given like the Queen!

I had no idea that Charles was like that (going by your other post). I guess when the media portrays an individual, I always saw him as rigid and "tight" not a person who knows how to live a little. With that being said, I CAN'T WAIT for Season 4.

By the way if you get Amazon Prime ... watch Fleabag. It’s 2 seasons and a HOOT! In Fleabag, Olivia Colman (who’s Queen Elizabeth in the Crown seasons 3 and 4) plays the quintessential dysfunctional stepmother. She was so enjoyably flawless playing a totally insensitive socially screwed up character. I LOVED Fleabag... binge watched 2 seasons in 1 day!

OH wowwwww, that would be so interesting to see how the actress is able to be another role!

Well, Fleabag is a fun dark comedy but so well done. It’s one series that finished up with Season 2 but wished it went on forever. I absolutely loved it!

Oh and yes I do remember the younger Charles was quite free spirited yet has kept his royal stance being primed for future king.

Just finished Lost in Space. Waiting for another season.

Just about to watch Season 2 Episode 3. Loving it so far. Parker Posy is so good at playing the devious Dr. Smith. I’ve always been a fan of hers.

I just finished watching Atypical. There are three seasons and each one is better than the previous. About a teenage boy with high functioning autism. I have never been diagnosed with autism spectrum but i can relate so much to the character. Funny, heartwarming, really quite good writing and acting.

Thanks for sharing that. Now I want to watch Atypical. Sounds like a good recommendation.

I Loved this ! It was so lovely

Interesting!!! It sounds like something I would like to see

I enjoy Versailles, Riviera and Yellowstone. I'm not sure if there on netflix.

Oh yes I heard about Versailles!! I want to see that! Now I have the difficulty choice to pick which show to start tomorrow lol

Best post !!! Giving me new shows to watch too! Thanks 😊

The ones I’ve watched have already been recommended

The Crown is my absolute fav! If you google the crown season 4 .. you’ll see pics of the actors playing Diana and Charles 😱😱😱😱

OMG reallyyyy, I didn't know...I am about to do so!!!

So! I checked out the pics, and I am not too pleased with who is going to play Princess Diana. I don't fell like they look a lot. Maybe the eyes, yes but other features are throwing me off. I do have to say who is playing the Queen and her Husband have very close resemblance.

Penny dreadful was pretty good, too

Okay! I will give it a shot :)

Loved it! It’s dark and odd though. Still very good.

Shameless -dysfunctional family

Glow -about women’s wrestling show

Gilmore Girls


Forensic Files

Cold case files

Good Girls

I've seen Shameless and Gilmore Girls - I liked it! OF COURSE the classic Forensic Files and Cold Case Files you can never get enough of them - love them. I tried to get into watching Good Girls but couldn't finish , just due to children interrupting me lol

thank you very your suggestions!!

If you haven’t seen Bodyguard, you will love it. It was released in 2018

OH YES! I did watch it! I liked it too!


The Following


Yes I started watching that a few weeks ago!!!

I’m about to start Dead to Me tonight at work. Thanks!

Could no one have watched my absolute 2 favorites?! Unless I somehow missed reading it. Try Bloodline, and also Broadchurch. Excellent!!

no one mentioned that as yet! Okay I will look at it....everyone gave such great suggestions, i'm trying to figure out what show I should start with on Sunday....

Oh yes, those two are very good! I watched them a long time ago but very, very good!

I have Broadchurch in my queue. 👍

Okay I’m hooked on Broadchurch! I was pulled in on the first episode. Thank you so much💛

Yes Broadchurch is great! I think it has 3 stories in it altogether. The first one is by far the best!

Okay you guys caught my attention! I’m going to check out Broadchurch tonight!!!

You'll be happy you did!!

Whoever has HBO, check out the series "Sharp Objects". It's great!! I'd watch it again, but I don't have HBO. I had only signed up for one month.

Colony is a great series if you like sci-fi. There are currently 3 seasons. I am hooked. Turn Washington's Spies is a great series based on American revolutionary war. Anne with an "E" is a great series - another version of Anne of Green Gables. Jerhico is another great sci-fi series. When calls the Heart is a romantic series. The World We Make is a movie and is a bit of a tearjerker - one of the best movies I've seen. I suggest you do a google search if you want more info about these series or check them out in Netflix. Happy viewing, Bicycle John

Jericho was very good!

I'm going to check out Jericho and The World We Make.....they sound interesting when I read about them online!!

You, Virgin River & Luther was one of my faves

Oh yes I have seen Virgin River...very good one!!! and of course I wish they came out with another season of Luther, but the movie was good. I wanted to see more

Alias Grace!

Dracula 2020

You. Ozark.

OH I watched Ozark!! I enjoyed it....

Netflix do the latest films don't they, also you do not say how old your kids are. Take them swimming or bowling or just for a walk.

You, Money Heist, The Witcher, Dark Crystal, Alias Grace, Ozark

LOVED Money Heist! Season 1 was incredible!!

Yes season 1 was amazing I like the suspense of such creatively written scripts

Dark Crystal is ages old. My kids watched that as children. Jim Henson was still alive. Shows one there’s no improving on perfect👍

Completely agree!

Mindhunter is dark and engaging

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Yes, yes! I was going to suggest this one!

I’ll give mindhunter a go

New season of You is full of twists and turns, I didn't like the second season at first but I'm glad I bared with it because it got more and more interesting. It's cleverly written.

“the bridge”

in sweedish with subtitles, but oddlynot really distracting once you get used to it

(may have been amazon prime, actually)

also “foyle’s war” and “perot”

i assume youve already seen every “downton abbey.”

for post-divorce cathartic movies try

“first wives’ club” and “the war of the roses”

outstanding sophisticated comedymovies “a fish called wanda” and “get shorty”

to restore your faith in chivalry “pride and prejudice” and “far from the maddening crowd”

or try “” (NOT a dating site) and get yourself out of the house!

I've watch First Wives Club.

Oh I am always out of the house. I wanted something to stay in doors this time around. I am constantly on the go daily, but thanks for the suggestion!!

hey good for you!

sorry to have been presumptuous

No worries at all! :)

Isn’t downtown abbey on amazon prime? I’d love to watch it but I’m not allowed to put that app on my work computer. I can put Netflix still because it’s not a ‘seeker’ program.

Dirty John was really good and based off a true story. Also, You is an interesting series...I’m in the middle of this one but it’s keeping me entertained.

"Call the Midwife" / "Grace & Frankie" / "Santa Clarita Diet" / "Person of Interest" / Enjoy your time to rejuvenate!!! Peace to YOU. :-)

I looked up Santa Clarita Diet, looks interesting.....Oh I've seen Person of Interest.

No-one's mentioned my two favourite series - Justified and Parenthood. Also really liked Nashville, being a country music fan helps but not essential. Of the series mentioned, I love You although having a bit of trouble getting into the second series.....and Anne with an E is fantastic

oh yeah I watched Anne with an E, I agree it was great!

Messiah, outlander, both of these are series Messiah just started only season one very interesting

Yesss, I started watching Messiah

oh i loved this and hope they come out with a second season!

Grace & Frankie-on the lighter side! I need that more than the deep or dark things all the time🙃

Yes, I watched Grace and Fankie - good humor.

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I watched that it great... i would suggest michael douglas new programme called “ the kimpinsky project” it kind of same but male friends... it funny

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Ooooh! Thank you!!!

There is a new series out which i loved titled "The Messiah". Really good. Also, Lost in Space was really exciting. Enjoy

Yes I agree! I starting watching Messiah

Frankie and Grace

The Good Place is an excellent comedy about the struggle to become a better person.

Sounds interesting!!!!

Travelers, the 100, dead to me

Okay, I’m going to Google see what their about! Thanks

love the 100. so good

1.The witcher.... like game of thrones education....briliant

3.You ....

4.The kimpinsky project....michael Douglas

5.Fleabag is hilarious....

Also the documentary on R Kelly... u will not believe it as it so wrong

Oh yessss I’ve seen the documentary and they have a new four part series out this year, UN - BELIEVEaBLe!!!!!!!

I started watching YOU - Awesome!

I’ll look into the rest, thanks

Can you believe this man??

I sat the whole way through it with my mouth wide open like “ can u believe this”

You vs Wild. if you like a little adventure :P