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Worst Day of my Life!


My wife made the decision that her feelings are not coming back for me and she wants to file for divorce.

I am at work this morning and it is quite possibly the worst day of my life!!!

The pain and sadness is so overwhelming!


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OMG that's horrible!! I am so sorry. Hopefully you guys can sit down and talk about it. And it's Monday so of course today sucks. Thinking of you!

Her mind is made. I feel like a broken man right now. I have never been so lost and confused as I do right now.

I'd be so confused too. And you didn't see this coming? I am truly sorry. We're all here for you.

I’m sorry to hear you’re going through this. How horrible!

Boomba76 in reply to EleanorRose

Thank you for your reply.


I'm so sorry to hear that Boomba...know that we are here for you.

Boomba76 in reply to Agora1

Thank you Agora1.

It is so painful....


Oh my goodness..my heart goes out to you....perhaps she will have a change of heart...

I wish you peace of mind..

Sparkles & dump trucks of groovy love, peace, light, joy & hugs Boomba76

Really sorry to hear this.


I am sorry to hear this! Just please try to take it one step at a time. Is counseling an option?

Boomba76 in reply to Timetoheal

Nope, she is done... ☹️☹️

Linnea1 in reply to Boomba76

Boomba76 -

Would you consider going to counseling yourself?

I'm so sorry for this! The day my ex said the same to me was also the worst day of my life. I won't say I know how you feel, but I know what it felt like to me. We are here! Vent, talk to us, whatever you need.

Take care of yourself!

I am so sorry for that. I know it’s hard to think of anything but the blow she delivered. I hope you remember to take care and make sure you protect yourself when you go thru w the divorce.


I’m so sorry, my heart goes out to you.

Boomba76 in reply to Hidden

It’s painful enough by itself but to add depression and anxiety to this is almost unbearable!!!


Hidden in reply to Boomba76

I know, I can imagine the additional trauma will be more difficult to handle and exacerbate your anxiety and depression. I don’t post here often and am not familiar with everyone’s stories, so forgive me for asking - do you have close family and/or friends on whom to lean and are you seeing a therapist?

Boomba76 in reply to Hidden

When I am in this much pain it’s hard to be around anyone even friends or family. They are here for me but I rarely use them. Yes I started seeing a therapist earlier this month. My next appointment is 1/23.

I know I will survive this but I can’t believe the pain and sadness it is so overwhelming and comes in waves.

Just try to sit back and not let the current emotions take over. Reaction is not good. Action is better. Emotion is energy in motion. So once you get the right emotion lined up, use it to your advantage. The way you manage it is for your own self respect and love. You cannot control the others actions. One day at a time and be stronger each day. Breathe, focus on your positives and live life as play.

Well said.

Hah. All you need to know is that her leaving is her loss. You are you and there is no-one better. Better looking? Better educated? None of that makes any difference in the final analysis. You are OK-keep going.

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