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In need of motivation


I’m feeling stuck. I’ve just turned another year older and feel like I should be doing more with my life. I’m almost where I want to be, but fear that I won’t get there because of times I’ve held myself back in the past. I need a boost, but it’s been a long year of trying and not getting the results I want (yet), and i’m worn out. Any books or techniques anyone can recommend? Or just words of motivation/encouragement? Anything at all is much appreciated! Be well!

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I think you just keep trying your best even if it may take awhile for things to improve because when they do! And they will, you will be glad you didn't give up. It's easier said then done I know. It must be hard which I understand but just keep trying your best. I'm praying for you!

Thank you so much for you kind words and prayer!

I learned that I don't need motivation to start doing something, I just need to start doing something, something small is enough, like if I have a big job, I might start by making then drinking a cup of coffee, then studying the problem on the internet, or by watching You tube videos, by the time I formulate a plan I just seem to spontaneously take the next step !

Oh and one final thought, If I study a problem, I will choose a course of action that I can believe in. Then I make myself believe in it, and will not entertain any doubts that inevitably come up. I've found that I can train my mind to just about anything if I try. For example I have always been poor at remembering a chain of numbers, so I never tried very hard, I just accepted that I couldn't do it. Then I started practicing and now I can remember a 6 digit string reliably, I'm getting old and found that I was losing my balance when I closed my eyes, like when I wash my hair in the shower, again I practiced, at first putting my hand on the wall with my eyes closed, then holding my hand close to the wall. Now I keep my balance without difficulty, even for extended periods. Try it, and let me know, please!

Thank you for this great advice! I’m actually going to start trying this. One step at a time and with constant repetition. & no doubts!

Wow, you are well on your way, please try to update so that we can all learn from your experience... even if you stumble 🌝

If you can volunteer and give back to the community, feeling good or better about yourself is an amazing tonic. I took a month off from my job. Everything was suddenly back in perspective. It was out of left field, just one line in a post, not in a book. Just having a reason to help was motivation for me. The only way to see if helping someone boosts you is to give it a try.

Update: So I tried some of the tips given in the responses, and so far so good! I finished off my semester, even when finals week was a drag.. started driving again, and felt a little more comfortable because of the “no doubt” thing mentioned in the comments. Honestly, it’s a small change, but it feels like a big one. I’m very excited again, all I needed was to take the step!

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