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Holiday Stress and Buspar?


My anxiety has been up the past few days, and just tonight I started having anxiety thinking about what I’m going to do after Christmas. I feel like I’ve been so caught up in it that I feel like I don’t have anything important after the holidays. I know that’s not true but the thought just freaked me out. I also haven’t been sleeping well which isn’t helping.

I’m also going to see a mental health nurse practitioner next weekend and I was recommended to possibly start using Buspar and was wondering if anyone else had tried it? And if so if it worked for them?

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Buspar did not work for me but I've heard it has been a great help to others. My holiday stress has increased my overall anxiety a lot. I am glad you have an appointment scheduled soon and can get the help you need. Practice good sleep hygiene to help you rest better - no screen time before bed, keep a bedtime routine and try to get to sleep at the same time each night, decrease caffeine intake.

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I know this isn't directed at me and I never tried buspar ..and unfortunately an anxiety spray/roll on that I use seems to have disappeared off the internet..I will just add on one thing to the bedtime routine.

Gosh it feels so great to actually make due like a spa situation and wash your face with the warm/hot water and then just splash cool water on your face and have a good candle lit for mayve 15-30 minutes and just breathe. Give my bed a quick spritz of my anxiety spray or roll on a bit on my nose and sleep. I then wake up to songs that always get my mood up for an alarm and/or ost's from dramas or anime that always make me move. Doing that helps the say start so much better. This reminded me I should do this again because I havent been doing such a thing lately as I haven't been sleeping well for 2 months if at all. I usually know why I cant sleep but this time I genuinely have no idea. I hope it helps along with this commenters suggestion as well.✋

Yes I have tried Buspar and it worked for me. I am sorry you are not sleeping, I know how awful that is, my Dr. put me on Desyrel 100 mg and Melatonin 5 mg, you can buy that OTC and it is not expensive, I have used it for years. One thing I also do, it play nice quiet music, or birds in song, ocean waves, rain or whales calling each other, there are a lot to choose from. Try not to use caffeine close to bed time, or exercise near bed time. Do deep breathing and try meditation, you can get CD's on that also. You will get better, be patient with yourself, these things take time. Believe in yourself, give yourself small rewards when you reach a goal, a new book, a CD, an ice cream cone while in the park.

I wish you well, sending Love, strength, energy, peace and good sleep...Sprinkle 1.....

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