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stop asking me what’s wrong


It honestly gets annoying when family/friends who know about my depression ask me “what’s wrong?” Or “why are you feeling depressed?”

Like do they not understand clinical depression. it’s an ongoing problem. it’s the cause of my daily dejection. there is no reason. it just is what it is. when people don’t grasp this concept it makes me feel like they’re not truly understanding or believing of what I’m going through.

please someone else tell me they can relate

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I can relate! Just the other day I had a very down day and stayed in bed all day just being down anxious and crying, nothing brought it on...and my husband again asked me what brought it on? He KNOWS because I’ve tried to explain it a thousand times, it just happens sometimes! My family When I talk to them ask the same thing! The worst is when they say “just get happy” oh, ok, let me just do that!!!!

Exactly!!!! They do not understand. some family of mine thinks it’s all your mindset and you just have to be stronger. they do not understand mental illness

I'm sorry you are feeling down, I feel your frustration. I try not to fault loved ones for asking stupid questions, if/when they ask. At least they are asking and doing what they "think" is helpful. Most people just don't get it because they haven't had to deal with it themselves. Trust me its worse when they simply quit asking or trying at all. My parents wont talk to me because they also have the "just get over it" attitude and I can't. My wife does what she can to stay away from me or ignore me because she "doesn't know what to do". I know how frustrating it can be to get the "just get happy" speech. I really think most people do WANT to help but they don't know the "right thing" to say. For your husband, maybe get him some reading material that explains your condition to help him understand? There are a lot of good books and brochures out there. Just a thought. Hang in there!! You are not alone.

I can relate. My husband didn’t know for years I was depressed and when he learned of it he didn’t understand it at all. But honestly he didn’t understand and never knew anyone with depression. It was so foreign to him. It took awhile and some education for him to understand but he became a lot more supportive. I do have to tell you though I am no longer suffering from depression thank God. There is hope and there is healing. Hold fast -Rachel

Absolutely! Since knowing one can see the disease there shouldn’t be any problem! I had a hard day and my husband kept working and didn’t understand as usual! Why do we have this stupid stuff!

I can relate too :)

I can totally relate. I told my husband if my wounds were visible and I had blood dripping from every where then people would actually understand my internal pain and they wouldn't need to ask what's wrong would all be clear due to the fact I was covered in blood lol


I can totally relate. I recently said this (when I was being told how others have it worse than me) : "At least nobody expects a person without legs to walk" and look at that, it was me who felt guilty for saying that later :(

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