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What’s wrong with me? Symptoms Diagnosis


I haven’t been diagnosed with depression or anxiety or any other mental illness yet. I always over think situations when it comes to relationships, I feel so alone, I hate my self, I hate my life, I wish I could just disappear. I’ve been told by ex boyfriends I’m bio polar because of my mood swings, which I don’t really see myself. When I’m in public I feel so awkward and like everyone always watching me to judge my every move. I get sweaty palms, heart races and feel nauseas when i have to go somewhere where I’ve never been.I know something not right but why? Can anyone help and give me there opinions?

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No one can really diagnose you but your symptoms sound familiar. It would really be helpful if you could see a therapist or a counselor where you live. They can direct you to an MD if needed. Do not be scared. You have the right to receive help. No one can tell you, you are bipolar. It is not simple as that. Take heart. You are seeking help. If your fear and anxiety is causing you physical symptoms you definitely would benefit from talking to someone professional. There are many reasons one can be moody. Just as many reasons one can feel lonely. Trust in yourself. Don’t give up on yourself. Seek professional help besides these site. I can only speak from my experience but I relate and understand how you feel. You are not alone. Take deep breaths. Keep yourself as busy as you can. Contact a mental health center and get an appointment. Do not be shy or discouraged. This takes time but it is well worth it. One day at a time.

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Thank you. I have an appointment Monday with my Dr.

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That sounds excellent. Good for you. To me it sounds like anxiety and depression as well. You definitely will feel better soon once you receive some help. If it helps try to write down your questions and/or your thoughts prior to Monday. It will help focus your discussion. Writing in times of deep pain is difficult but it helps. Much good luck on Monday. With proper help this will get better. Try to be patient with yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Don’t feel ashamed or bad. This is an illness and it is treatable. One day at a time. Best of luck to you.

It sounds like textbook symptoms of anxiety and depression. Please see your doctor ASAP and get your treatment started. Don't expect this to suddenly go away all by itself, because it won't.

Yo I got these problems too! Holy shiet! But my exes only treated me more bad when they found out I got depression and anxiety. Like using me or something. Idk. That didn't make sense.

My current bf had to deal with me crying a lot even tho this is 4th month being with him. Or like we started relationship January.. Helluh rushed it. I like him helluh from okcupid.

And after his car crash with me in it and car stolen before that.. I felt like crap. Like I shouldn't be with him anymore cuz I felt like a bad luck...

But I'm with him still. I love him and I know he loves me.

I hope you get better.

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