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Bipolar Disorder. Advice?


I just got diagnosed with bipolar disorder. My doctor says I should learn about it. Does anyone who has bipolar disorder have any advice or suggestions so that I could learn more about it? Thank you in advanced.

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Find a mental health counselor and be prepared to visit them regularly. Ask them to refer you to a psychiatrist who can prescribe you medication. Otherwise, you're in for a never-ending emotional roller coaster.

It’s a very hard illness to deal with but possible with the right support.Ive managed to hang onto a 39 year career despite the illness .There are plenty of books about the subject and plenty of information on line .There is an app called i mood journal where you can monitor your mood on a daily basis.Very useful for your care providers so that they can give you the best treatment.Sadly medication is usually unavoidable and it can take time to get the medication to a regime which works for you .Therapy is essential, I would say, as medication alone is not the answer .Its will help you to develop skills to manage the illness and make you more aware of the early signs of a mood shift .You will have to make some lifestyle changes.Decent sleep is top of the list for me , to prevent a manic episode.You will need to learn to practice self care .Healthy eating, again , essential.Be kind to yourself and recognise that your behaviour during an episode is part of the illness and not a character flaw .If you can, build a network of supportive people in your life with whom you feel able to open up .Dont be afraid to reach out for support if you feel you need it .

It can be very scary when you are first diagnosed and this is a normal reaction.That fear starts to recede once you gradually learn how to cope

.It won’t be easy and you can’t manage it alone .Support from family, friends and health care providers makes a huge difference.Not only do you need to educate yourself but those close to you as well.Often they will notice a change in your behaviour before you do.I have a few people in my life who I have trusted to contact my mental health team if they are concerned

I really do wish you all the best .Its very hard , but it’s possible to lead a satisfying life ( with quite a few blips along the way !)

Take care

Thank you for the response. It’s definitely reassuring. Been feeling a little lost so far with the diagnosis. Not sure how to feel because it doesn’t really change how I’ve been experiencing my world since it’s always been like that. But it’s new and it’s unknown so I’m just lost right now until I get more familiar with it. I checked out a bunch of books from my local library and started reading them per your advice so thanks, they’ve been bring some clarity.

it is important to read everything you can and learn what a tricky and devastating disorder it is unless you learn to manage the symptoms. You need to try to preempt symptoms. you need to put behaviors in place not to deal with symptoms but to prevent them. Support, lots of support, is essential. Pick and choose carefully with whom and what amount you share about bipolar. Their feelings and understanding about mental illness will determine who you statrt with. DO NOT OVER DISCLOSE, stay on side of under disclosing, test the the waters first see their reaction, then disclose a little more. I made mistake of over disclosing. early on during a manic episode, I sent a group email out to all my friends tell them in detail what I was going through, out of 305 responded with "sorry this happening to you" 2 offerred support but only 1 is still communicating. The others either didn't address the email or stopped communicating altogether. The kicker is over half of the 30 were therapists. I was a therapist at the time.

I think this is really good advice. I’ve only told my immediate family right now, and I’m planning on telling my social worker as well. I don’t really have a lot of friends to tell so I should be okay with that. And I’m definitely going to keep in mind what you said about managing symptoms as I’m learning.

Definitely do not over share .Its a misunderstood illness and you can find yourself experiencing a lot of stigma and judgement.Unfortunately I have had this happen to me with some health care professionals, who really should know better

There is a really good book called Overcoming Bipolar Disorder. I found it at Barnes and Noble. It has help me lead a more normal life.

Good luck and don’t worry too much about the diagnosis. Just be you!

A lot of references paint it in a depressive way, but I have learned that I (and others) can manage it and thrive. Please keep that in mind. You’re human. I’m human, the diagnosis doesn’t change that.

I got diagnosed in 2013 and it scared me at first. My doctor felt that I didn’t accept it. It takes awhile to accept it.

I read a statistic in a book about bipolar disorder that said that 1/3 of people diagnosed with bipolar go on to live very sucessful lives after they learn to manage their symptoms.

Yes, management is key.

But I feel that time also helps with understanding and accepting the diagnosis.

Open up to people you can trust, too. They will be your support network.

Thanks for your repsonses. I have been working on acceptance too. A lot of people have told me that the diagnosis doesn't change me and that I've always been the way I am. I understand that. I feel like having the diagnosis just allows me to better frame my experiences and understand them better.

Also don’t be too invested in stats...

This is you, Your Life. You define it, not those stats.

If I for example had cancer, I wouldn’t even dare look or ask for stats.

I know that’s an extreme example, but this is a treatable illness. It does matter what you think. And what you believe!

Sorry to hear this..I won’t go on on on and on I’m 32 with a 7 year old daughter and a 19 month old son I was sectioned last year and diagnosed with bipolar (I have always suffered with mental health) you sound like me I feel but honestly try not to fill your head with too much as someone else just said it could make you go on a bit of a high..routine is key for me I have to have a diary and my weekly planner infront of me on the fridge..they say mindfulness helps but I never really got on with it..a new thing I have found are podcasts on the phone they are amazing and you can choose all different topics..regarding the endo I’m currently on my way back from the hospital as have been in loads of pain which was diagnosed as urine infection but actually turned out to be my endometriosis and adenomyosis..Iv tried zoladex the coil and nothing so am on the waiting list for a hysterectomy which I do not want to have but feel is my only option..if you ever need anyone to chat to I am here I’m a year down the line and still struggling it is a long battle but you will find what is right for you xxx

I will say you manythings.

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