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1 good thing. (Read and respond)


Hi everyone, I hope all of you guys are surviving your mental battles. That being said, tell me one positive thing that’s happen to you today. I’d love to hear about it. Let’s keep it positive. (:

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I got a text from a friend. She had good news to share.

Sunf7ow3er in reply to Mrspjsmom

Beautiful ✨

I woke up with energy. I must have a gotten a real good sleep.

Good! I hope you’re having a productive day! ✨

I woke up in a light and pleasant mood, and had a similar day at work, after having a week where I was really low and down :)

Something to be thankful for! I hope the rest of your day treats you well.

Finding this post is a positive for me... it’s been a rough day in my mind as its a challenge to stay in the present but later I will go on a walk to pick up my son from the bus stop then on another walk to my other sons school so it’s good I’m getting exercise.

I love this! Thank you! Yes, exercise is beneficial and helps. Have a good rest of the day.


Woke up to snow, first of the year, always a bit magical. Also, reconnected with an old friend. Thanks for the positive post!

You are welcome, I hope your day is treating great! That’s amazing, reconnecting with old friends help!

I went to see my therapist, she is wonderful, I have had several therapist in my life, she rates as A +

. She is helping me lift the fog from my brain, I am feeling alive again, it has been a 3 year struggle. I am so glad I was referred to her, she makes me hot chocolate, we talk for 2 hours but she only bills me for 1 hour, how lucky can I get? I hope all of those that are suffering can go to therapy with a really good therapist. And if need be get an antidepressant that works with little or no side affects. Love to you all....Sprinkle 1.....

Sunf7ow3er in reply to Sprinkle1

I am glad to hear, it is hard to find a good therapist that puts so much effort into their job. Good for you!


I can’t really answer this today but perhaps tomorrow or Saturday!

Sunf7ow3er in reply to Hidden

I’ll be looking forward to your answer!

I’m about to eat a real burrito. 😁

Hidden in reply to NeuronerdDoaty

I’m jealous, lol


I saw my daughter's new baby. He's beautiful

Agora1 in reply to Lins345

Congratulations! xx

Sunf7ow3er in reply to Lins345

Congratulations 🎉

I’ve been watching my cat try to “catch” leaves as they fall from the trees in my backyard. Hilarious.

nicetry in reply to nicetry

I’ve also had a chance to watch some of the Trump impeachment hearings, but I don’t know that that’s positive lol.

Sunf7ow3er in reply to nicetry

Haha my dog keeps me active, I’ve been so over my head about her and stuff but at the end of the day, I have to thank her because she helps me.

Our 11 year old kitty Mickey Velcro went into surgery today and everything went great!

Agora1 in reply to NWGal

:) xx

Sunf7ow3er in reply to NWGal


NWGal in reply to Sunf7ow3er

$1200 but he's worth it! Vets are so expensive these days! When I worked in a vet hospital back in the day an office call was $8!

I got everything done on my to-do list today and didn’t get upset!

Sunf7ow3er in reply to Krn210

Good! That’s an awesome accomplishment (:


Here is my positive thing, my neighbors and good friends. For being caring and helpful. For the good vibrations they give me.

I survived the day!

Sunf7ow3er in reply to Pearl67


I got a really nice note from my professor, and it made me cry.

I received a few nice messages from nice friends today. That made me happy.

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