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Trying to get my head to shut off


The past 2 years I’ve battled depression and anxiety. So much is going on with my job and trying to find a new so I can go back to school and dealing with so many issues with life in general I can’t be there for the people that need me. Like my friends. I have no family support. Isolated to the point of insanity. I just want to get back to being my happy goofy self. I’m in a hole and I’m not seeing any light.

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Sorry to hear it. I’m going through the same thing, only mine is a relapse. Too many stressors. I find things are better after a 30-minute walk, or after therapy with a counselor. Let’s keep in touch and help each other.

Tvols76 in reply to jjrp

I have a really good counselor.... It’s just that he’s SO booked up. My last visit was in September. My next visit is in November. I have had to switch counselors before because I’ve moved or insurance reasons. When I do see him I know he’s really listening and he sees right through me.

Some people say meditated and focus on quieting the doesn't work for me....I need 'white noise' which keeps my brain from ruminating when I can't settle at night.

I am so sorry you are facing these struggles. Please know that you are not alone, and your life is so incredibly valuable. Would you be willing to call 855-382-5433? They can set you up with a free consultation with a licensed therapist.

Praying for you, friend.

Tvols76 in reply to at123

Thank you so very much for those awesome words..... I have a therapist but I can’t get in to see him as much as I need to. All these feelings and memories from my past are coming up in droves. I got so anxious the past few days about how to get out of the situation I’m currently in but I’m terrified of moving to quick or just having one foot out the door really....

Hi Tvols76. Battling depression and anxiety since 20 years ago. As a mental health professional I can tell you that there are several "cures". Antidepressants, therapy, exercise etc. 1) antidepressants - usually tolerable and they have the ability to balance your serotonine ( lift your mood etc.) They are also great to block anxiety and panic attacks. 2) therapy - great to "clean" you soul and find the causes for dep or anx. 3) exercise is the natural antidepressant. It boosts your feel good feelings. You get tired and sleep better. I know it is hard to get up and exercise when we feel depressed or anxious but these three are a must to recovery. Just my opinion. Get better soon

Tvols76 in reply to ScottishUK

I used to be a runner, played soccer, and would dance my tail off up until I was 38. I loved it!! But... I had to stop all of this because I’m dealing with bulging disc and osteo arthritis. I’m hoping that physical therapy will get me back on my feet full force. I realize running is completely out.

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