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What is a book you want to share with the HUfamily? (Fiction or Nonfiction)

I would like to share Deep Work by Cal Newport

This is an amazing book that challenges readers to go into a state of flow while working/creating that is called Deep Work. Deep Work allows people to achieve amazing levels of success in short periods of time.

This book has been pivotal in the relief of my Depression/Anxiety by simply hyper-focusing on one thing. That was to reverse engineer my Vision/Legacy and then take action to make it happen, while learning along the way. That's it. I have so much hope in my life that it supresses the hopelessness of Depression/Anxiety.

It's such a great book that I have gifted several copies to family and friends suffering from Depression/Anxiety. I challenged them to dedicate 1 hour of Deep Work to discover what it is they want to achieve in life, and then to reverse engineer a plan to get attain it? Think big. Very big. Then take action. I found that many of them jolted away from depression/anxiety in a short periods of time upon realizing their Visions/Legacy on a deep level. It becomes cemented with absolute clarity. There's no going back. You are now moving forward.

Although Depression/Anxiety may never fully go away, this wonderful book offers a paradigm shift in the way you think about the world around you. It’s a more vibrant world, where you are in control of your own joy and destiny. It's the one you are seeking. I promise.

3 Minute Book Summary (Vid)

Deep Work by Cal Newport is available on Amazon or is possibly hiding in a nook at your favorite bookstore.

I hope this post impacts you in some way. If so, please visit my profile to follow me or view my other Posts. Thank you.


Share a book, or comment on Deep Work by Cal Newport below.πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

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The Womans Room by Marylyn French. I know this is old but this put into words everything I knew already and it literally changed my life. It explains the male culture which is accepted as the norm so this is the theme. x

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It's great to find a book that connects.

Wow! Thank u for posting this. Im going to look this up.

Does it have to be about anxiety or any type of mental health, books are one of my favorite things on this earth i can go on an on lol πŸ˜‚

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Nope, anything you enjoy

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