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Just a lil about what’s up with me


After this post I am trying to step back a little, do the simple small things, and be an observer for a bit I think as I am then trying to reconnect with myself others and things like starting from scratch sort of. I just am in such a strange feeling spot. I don’t know. It’s really difficult to explain and I can’t even tell good from bad sensations and thoughts right now. Things are so strange to me right now. I dont feel like me, really Some inner changes I think maybe. I have many contradictory feelings and ways of thinking and I am just so overstimulated right now. There is also a lot going on with my physical health like I haven’t slept much due to restless leg syndrome. My body is maybe still adjusting to a new med of a few weeks ago I started as well Sigh there’s too much in my crazy head ya know there’s my voice telling me to do things constantly and it doesn’t seem very normal like it’s random chatter that doesn’t make sense... but I it’s like it’s boldly talking to me to be heard like it’s not exactly me but like there’s two of me... well I am seeing my psychiatrist tonight. Maybe he can give me something for my syndrome but I am wondering if that is going to turn into another problem which sometimes happens well I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. I also think I have more cysts in my overlies. It’s just a lot right now you know. I hug my mom every time I see her and she smiles every time. So that is what I’m trying to focus on is doing the little things with love. Because the rest is just making me crazy. 🙃 thanks for listening

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Hey darling, I think you are too hard on yourself, stay focussed on the good things, love you lots ❤️

I am not being hard on myself. I’m releasing the junk that’s on my mind so I can walk freer. Thanks for being here with me Florida.

By releasing that junk, is a real positive, I see so much more good stuff in you now than before, good luck tonight, and love trees xxx

Thanks awesome you. You’ve always been awesome 😎

You know what ? I realize you are right I need to now focus on all the positive thank you sooooooooo my friend! P.s. any thoughts on how not to think so hard?

Really difficult that one, nature works for me, have same issue, or journal work xxxx

Yeah nature and journaling, thanks

The willingness you seem to have to move through this journey is inspiring. I think it will be the key to your safe passage. Much love to you!

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Thanks for seeing that in me.


Haha hi there silly 🙃

Hi star🌟 love the tree picture..thanks,did you ever get to other side of the bridge?🙂

Thanks the sun through trees looks like hope I think 🤔 like even though the trees block a lot of light the sun finds a way to be seen. No haven’t been back to that bridge again yet. What have you been up to?

We’ve had 3 glorious days here been gardening love it ...it’s great for the soul quietens my mind got my pond and fish and Lilly plants 🌱👋😁🐠.yeah the sun sure brings hope 🤔..take care my friend 🙂

I love gardening too. Good you have a pond; what type of fish are living there?

I’ve got about 40 koi carp about 30 are still tiddly ones some lovely colours though some called golden o r f e they glide around like submarines and lots of goldfish 🐠they grow so quickly 😊

Wooooooaaaah I was picturing a little pond but it must be large to hold those fish. How awesome.

That just eased my headache 😊

💗 Love you hun... remember to be gentle to yourself. Be honest with the psy. & open at your appt. I am in my way to group then therapy... feeling down & rain not helping. I'm trying to give myself credit... I get it's hard... we can do this. Big hug. Love the picture.

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Best to us both ❤️ Love you too

Let’s let each other know how our appointments go.

Starrlight, you know I support you in whatever decision you make. We all need to

take care of our own issues first. Only you know when the time is right. I many times

observe from the background just because I need to breathe and gather my thoughts.

Use this "me time". Look around you and appreciate the things you have in your life.

Your mind is kind of going in a lot of different directions right now. It happens.

Good Luck with your appointment tonight. Remember we are here for you privately

or on site. You are loved and cared about by your virtual family. Much love, xx

Exactly! I am pulling myself to many directions and I am trying to step back but I’m in a strange spot so I really want the comfort of support. Agora thank you soooooooooo much for being here with me now.

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Always.... xx


Sometimes we need to get rid of the junk and move quickly back to what is good. Love is healing; you got this as they say. We have to manage our health.

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❤️ Thank you soooooo

your so good , you really are ..with flying colors..so nice hugging and seeing mum smile..i hear you just being you and its wonderful..the power of love..you got this..

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Awwww 🥰 Ellinaki ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ thank you soooooooooo if i am with flying colors can I have it a rainbow ? I’m just being me yeah haha what am I usually I don’t know heheh

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your the alien..

Hahaha how do you know everything????

I’m breaking. Things are piling up and I’m trying but it hurts so much and can’t get past all the hurt.

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Thank you so 🙏 😊

Take care of yourself girl, and do what ever you need to do.....you have a lot who care about you and wish you well my friend.

Thanks for being here Faux I’m kind of in a stick place right now trying to work my way out.

always here for a friend kiddo....hang in there honey....we'll hold you up till your up on your own again ....that's what friends do.

Thanks yes please keep holding me up for now...

anytime my friend...

I found Starrlight that it's the simple things in life that bring about most happiness and contentment.. hope you manage to settle in that part of yourself that only needs simple things to keep you happy good luck :) XX

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Aww true thank you. I will try.

Best of luck to you! Take as much time as you need for yourself, take all the time in the world reconnecting with the things you love, and finding new ones as well. As you know I'm starting over from scratch and some thought I had fallen off the face of this Earth for the last year, but it's the upmost important thing for me to do right now is to be spending time on myself, learning to be kind, love and give back and, most importantly take care of myself! These are all things I hadn't put in practice through out my lifetime so far and I'm almost not capable on focusing on myself without effort and practice. It seems silly, it doesn't seem to make any difference but they say routine and structure is how we learn the very best. I hope to learn to care for and love myself again, I hope you find what you're looking for in your travels! Good luck to you I hope you return here, as you've been very supportive to me and I'm sure many others. Best wishes.

Awww you are sweet. I think you so deserve the care for yourself. I’m so restless and I am just trying to deep breathe myself into a better place right now. I was just caring for a new born bird today and lost him and it’s so sad. Other things are getting to me too and my motivation is low and I’m frustrated. But I think it will all get better. Best to you take care my friend. ❤️

Thank you for your honesty and sharing your inner thoughts with all of us. We are all in this together and we truly understand what you go through. Thanks again my friend.


Thank you for appriciating me and my honesty and sharing it’s hard to share thanks for being you and caring.

Thank u for being you too. You are strong, my friend.


😊 strength more strength healing peace joy for us

You, me, Melhall, Olivia, SillyS, Elliott, Anxiety59, Jeg, BonnieS ..we should all be HealthU BBF's!!! lol! 😄

How you feeling today sis? Gees what we don't deal with....I hope you know you can share anything with me....I'll still be all yours!!!

I love ya soooo!!!

That means so much to me my beauty. Hmmmmmm I’m at the creek right now I feel good at the moment. Love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Oh what fun...i'd like to be at a creek also..I'm planting flowers today...have to keep taking breaks due to the ole back-a-roo!!!

Hahaha...love ya more sister!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Make sure u post some plant pics!

Once they take off n get a going ..I will 100%!!! How you doing today?

Dump trucks of love, peace, light, joy n hugs for you!!!

killer cool!😆

Im ok. Got into a big fight w a close friend. She doesnt applogize for things. So dramatic & immature. But Im dealing.

My son & hubby are at a baseball game so im relaxing & getting things done around the house.

How are you?

Oh those kind of friends can be tricky...keep your power girl!

It feels so good to get things done & by yourself....even better, ha!

I have so many flowers to plant ..well it's silly really..but I love it..Killer Cool...I have to keep taking breaks due to my back...but it's all good...

I just may give some plants to my baby girl....saw her last night & she may be back again today...got to play with the 2 pits & yorkie...gees how I love em..but happy to say goodbye, ha! They were all about me last night...too much fun!

Dump trucks of love, peace, light, joy n hugs for you!!!

Ty. Yes, I gotta remain strong💪🙌👏Aww..dogs..that's so great. I have a yorkie too!! She's a 3.5 lb one.

Happy planting!!!


Her yorkie is 14 lbs.! She's 14 & not really doing to well...such a sweetie pie she is....she's the one who's in charge of the pits....it's hysterical!

Dump trucks of love, peace, light, joy n hugs for you!!

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