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Burning mouth syndrome


Has anyone suffered with burning mouth ? I’ve had it since October starting with a sore tongue but it’s gradually got worse to the point my tongue and pallet are constantly sore , its caused severe anxiety and pain , I’m due at the hospital 2 weeks today as the dentist doesn’t know much about it, I’m in the UK by the way, has anyone ever been given anything to help it, I’m despondent as I’ve read there is little you can do for it, comments would be greatly appreciated, many thanks Kate

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Hi Katej48. I've had that happen to me on several occasions but only for a couple

days. What's usually helped me was swishing my mouth with cold milk and then

spitting it out. There's something in the milk as well as the coolness of it that can

soothe the burning tissues. I'm sure your doctor will be able to check into it more

and give you something to relieve the pain. Wish you well. xx

Hi I wonder if you are lacking in vitamin B as this can cause a sore tongue? Have you had your vitamin levels checked? x

May be a slight bacterial infection. As weird as it sounds try swishing with hydrogen peroxide mixed with water or salt water.

I went through burning mouth syndrome - no particular cause and it eventually resolved on it’s own. Just knowing that it is real helped. If yours is severe, there is a mouthwash prescribed to cancer patients with a lidocaine base, mixed with something like Maalox and Benedryl. Pharmacies have different formulas. It is usually just called magic mouthwash. You could ask about trying something like that if nothing else helps, but I would try warm salt water or a mix of salt water and baking soda first. Also avoid mouthwashes with alcohol, and maybe try brushing your teeth with plain baking soda. Sometimes something in your toothpaste can cause a reaction.

Thanks for the reply , I’ve tried mouth washes, dry mouth sprays , gengigel, pastilles, had my bloods done and everything was normal, I really hope there is something they can do.

Sometimes meds can cause dry mouth during the night which can lead to sore burning mouth each day biotene products are good but bit pricey .

I have had what is also called burning tongue syndrome for a few years now & went through all the B vitamin testing as well as a few other tests & nothing ever showed up; one cause is anxiety which I do struggle with. My tongue always feels dry & scalded & the taste of certain foods can change. I had to stop eating tomato products for a couple of years as they all tasted like metal; that is no longer the case. Some food will have absolutely no taste at all & sometimes it returns. Sometimes people have it disappear for a while, but mine has been with me continuously. Food doesn't mean that much to me anymore but I try to eat the healthiest food I can since I don't eat very much. Like anxiety, you have to learn to accept it & try not to focus on it. Chewing a piece of Tic Tac gum greatly relieves the intense tongue dryness. Have you been tested for Sjogren's Syndrome? I was negative with that, but I would have that done if you haven't. Good luck.

Katej48 in reply to anxjanny

Thanks for the reply, did the hospital ever try any medications? Having this problem has caused me great anxiety, it’s so uncomfortable, I have also lost weight, I was only petite anyway , I chew gum sometimes but often feel like it makes it worse , it’s took weeks for the hospital appointment and i suppose to won’t find much out on the day , my sister had it years ago but I don’t think it was as bad as mine and lucky for her it disappeared, again there was nothing the hospital could do .

My heart goes out to. I ended up going to 7 different doctors then Loyola Medical Center. Then I made 2 trips to Mayo Clinic in MN. I have 4 pages of info I would be happy to send. I've found their website to be the best resource. I'm currently doing this:

250 MG Sertaline-zoloft. 1x pm

Clonazepam 1 mg 3x

Gabapentin 400 MG - 3x day

Lidocaine if needed

Baking soda mouth rinse

HYDROXYZINE PAMOATE 50 MG 2X (extra for anxiety as needed)

Olanzapine 2.5 mg 1x pm

Cleure toothpaste (no mint and baking soda base)

Tabasco and water mouth rinse works really good (suggested by Mayo

Oral Probiotic-2milliom

B12 - 3000 MG was 1000

B6 - 500 MG

Zinc - 50 MG

Alpha-Lipoic acid 200 mg


Omega 3 1040 1x

D3 1000

NEW trying Hemp oil (suggested by neurologist, doing more research on it and am waiting to hear back from the doctor I saw at Mayo


Eating balanced meals




Aloe vera juice

Apis mellifica 200ck

Arsenicum album 30c

Capsicum Annum 30c

Milk Thistle

Oral Probiotic

Triamcinolone Acetonide dental paste

Coconut oil

B12 - 1000 MG

B6 - 500 MG

Zinc - 50 MG

Alpha-Lipoic acid 200 mg (try 300 2x)


B complex

Biotene (can't withstand the mint)

Lyrica doesn't work for me

My stress and anxiety have improved and the pain is no longer unbearable. Doing much better than before. The Tobasco solution has been the most helpful.

Hi , I had that 14 years ago ... it’s related to acid reflux and stomach issues... it took 2 years for me to figure that out ... I took probiotics and flora antacid and started to feel better... good luck

Katej48 in reply to Ranarifai

Hi thanks for replying my appointment is a week tomorrow, not sure if I mentioned this but I live with in the UK , I’m on lansoprazole for gerd as Gp thought it could be linked but it hasn’t made any difference , I am on medication which causes dry mouth but my problems started before then so can’t see how they can be linked , it’s affected my sleep so currently I’m on mirtazapine which meant to help with the sleep and Zopiclone as well, which make me sleep so then I’m not aware of the pain but I know shortly I have to stop the Zopiclone so then I doubt I’ll sleep and then my anxiety will be through the roof, Its ruining my life .

Hey Katej48,

Did you manage to find a cure or at least a relief for your symptoms? I'm going through exactly what you described in your post! Thank you.

Katej48 in reply to Nikolai666

Hi no not sorted yet, waiting on hospital appointment, had blood tests but I know they’ll be normal as they were a while ago , how long have you had it?

Nikolai666 in reply to Katej48

Hi Katej48,

I've had it for about 6 weeks now after a course of antibiotics "not sure whether it's related or not" my tongue is very sore and feels like burning especially the tip of my tongue and the palate..Gp thought it's oral thrush and prescribed antifungal medication and oral rinse but that didn't help, blood works and swab came back normal, dentist was clueless too! I'm seeing a specialist at the hospital tomorrow fingers crossed they figure out what's happening! I tried sugar free chewing gum to keep my mouth moist but it makes it worst for some weird reason! I've had acid reflux all my life but never had burning mouth or sore tongue with it though, sometimes its so sore and uncomfortable I can't even Speak properly! I'm in the UK too.

Katej48 in reply to Nikolai666

How old are you if you don’t mind me asking? I’m still convinced it’s the menopause, I’m due back hospital a week on Friday, he said about putting me on a low dose anti depressant, Amitriptyline, it’s affected what I eat, I won’t eat tomatoes, most fruit , it’s ruining my life

Just wondering....is your pollen count high where you live? If so, perhaps give an antihistamine a go! And try liquid benadryl and swirl/swish in your mouth and see if that gives any relief! I have been here often! It is awful! Antihistamines help as I have since found I have histamine issue. Get this, anxiety raises histamine issues😩

Thanks I’ll look into it, I’ve not heard of that before, I always thought anti histamines caused dry mouth which would then aggrevate burning mouth

yeast in the mouth and throat. I had this problem. To diflucan for 10 days. Is now gone.

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