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Are some days or times worse than others?


I find that I always feel both more anxious and more depressed on Sundays. It gets worse as the day goes along.

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Yes weekends are worst for me and holidays like the Easter holidays coming up as everyone is with their families and I am alone and I don't feel I can intrude on their family time even though they are good friends.Whenever I meet my friends it is for example in a a walking context or a social group but then on Sundays and on holiday occasions they have adult children who sometimes have children of their own to visit.

I get down about being alone and probably being alone in that way for the rest of my life. Gemma

Like the other reply to your post: I too have always struggled with the weekends and holidays. It seems to be so much harder becoming single recently and getting older.

You are not alone. I think there is a term for the Sunday blues--when I worked at a day job we used to call it the big black cloud that would come Sunday afternoons....

Sunday Scaries is the term

Saturday s are hard for me. So lonely and lazy. I need a break but I want some one to cuddle and love me. I did have that this weekend but it's been a year so it just makes me realize how much I miss this.

I can relate to you on days getting worse, when they start out good. For instance,take today. I went to my church which always makes me feel good. Got home jumped into my Jammie’s and you would have thought you were looking at a totally different person. I got into the bed and slept until 7pm. Now I’m sitting here depressed and I don’t know why. All I can hope for is that tomorrow will be better. God bless you.

Sundays mondays and Tuesdays im grumpy

.......and grouchy Thurs Fri Sat 😂😂😂😂😂 (sorry couldn't help myself) ❤

😂😂😂😂 absolutely, that just defined me

Weekends have always been tricky for me, more so since my anxiety became more acute. I just keep running out to see a friend or take a walk or clean something... just one foot in front of the other really. People use the phrase 'Sunday Fun Day', but I'm having a Sunday Funk Day. Went and got a massage and it helped a little.

Hi. I think it's the thought of work on Monday 😬 well it was for me 😂❤

Amen! I know it is for me. My husband even dreads Sunday’s. I try to distract myself with chores or online games but if I get the least resistance in these activities, I throw a tantrum and quit. The anger level gets intense. Anger subsides and turns to ruminating and bam- I have entered the cycle.

I'm so fortunate (!) that I live alone. No-one to see how I am or what I'm doing 😁🙄 hugs ❤

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That’s interesting. I feel a lot better now that I no longer live alone. I was always terrified of going completely insane and having no one there to help me.

Sundays are the worst for me too...ever since I was a child!

Sunday's are hard for me. I think it's because it means another week is beginning. Monday's and Tuesday's are hard days too. It's hard when your not working.

There are probably reasons that go back to your childhood, family dynamics and more. Talk Therapy could help to flush out those events.

And sometimes the beasts of anxiety, panic and depression take control.

Lack of consistency is the opposite and it's maddening too!

Somewhere, hiding in the background, I have food issues. Fat people in my family! I was a model one year for the Sears Chubby Club Fashion Show.

Not a happy, happy, joyful feeling from that supposedly bragging event.

Dozens of years ahead now and wonder if those family issues are causing me to be conflicted about eating. Going to take lots more therapy for me.

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