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Should I try something new?

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Hello, I am new here. Looking forward to interacting with y’all. I do have a question. I have been taking lexapro for many many years. It does its job but I only take it once a day. Is there something I could ask my doctor to go with it to make it better or is there something I could try to replace it with. I see my doctor tomorrow. Have a blessed day.

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There are many medications a doctor can use. Some may be an add on medicine or like a friend of mine your doctor may stop the Lexapro and try something else. I'm in the same boat, I take 2 medicines for my anxiety but the one isn't something you should take long term so I need to talk to my doctor about that. They also added a second medication for my depression so talk to your doctor and let them know exactly how you are feeling.

Thank you I’m going to try my best to be as prepared for this doctor appointment. I’m so tired of going though the same thing and not doing anything about it.

My feeling is you should be working with a psychiatrist to decide on these medicines. I don't know how it is where you live but around here if you call to make an appt. with a psychiatrist they tell you it's a 7-8 month wait. There's that big a shortage of doctors. I am working with my family doctor who has a good understanding of the different medicines. Hope things work with your doctor.

Hi hopeful, I was on lexapro for many years as well and it was working well until I got depression on top of my anxiety. My psychiatrist switched me to cymbalta. He thinks it’s “better” than lexapro. I don’t know about that. He also tried adding on vraylar which I didn’t think worked great for me so he just switched the vraylar to rexulti which is something you add on top of your regular antidepressant. I also used to take lexapro 20 mg at night and 10 mg in the morning. I also take klonopin twice a day.

There is a lot of different medications out there that you can try if you don’t think the lexapro is working well enough for you.

You said the Lexapro was doing its job...that being the case what do you feel needs to be changed? You could consult with your p doc and up the dosage.

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