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So I had my first panic attack in December which is not too long ago but I feel like it has changed my life dramatically.I never thought in a million years that I would suffer from this but now that I look back at the past couple years I remember always being worried especially about my kids or being worried about the smallest things.I guess it’s all catching up to me now.

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Panic attacks can be awful, I get them on and off, I had one in November and I actually thought I was going to boil to death I was that hot, It felt like the whole room could hear my heart beat, I haven't had a panic attacks like that in about 7 years, I don't even know what to suggest because once they come, you can't control them. I think the key is to know that it's just a panic attacks, although when your mid panic attack it's hard to convince yourself it's just a panic attack, I hope your ok

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Yes it’s horrible but I’m glad to hear you haven’t had one since November.Theres no much to do besides letting the panic attack take its course but sometimes it’s hard especially because I have two kids and I can’t just ball up bed til it goes away.

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I will had loads since November, but the one in November reminded me just how vicious they can be, have you tried pacing ? As in keep moving around ? Or are you frozen by them ? I try to pace, or if they are really bad I stand in a corner with back against the walls to make myself feel safe, it's awful isn't it

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When I get tingling in my body I pace around til the feeling wears down.I used to just lay in bed all the time cause I was so drained by constant panic attacks.What are some things you changed or did different in your lifestyle that helped with your anxiety?

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Nothing that's the thing, I just find being busy helps, if I keep myself busy I seem to be ok, it's when I have time to think that it kicks off, then once it starts it hard to shrug off as I'm guessing you already know. My worst enemy is my mind.

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Yes very true it always seems to go away slowly if you’re busy doing something.Its crazy how powerful our minds are

Hi FLA24,

Panic attacks suck so bad! I used to get them all the time in public places that are in doors, like church or an auditorium or a wedding. I was so worried that someone would find out that I had these panic attacks that I would freak myself out and start sweating, which would only make things worse. I would have to go outside and get air or fake that I wasn't feeling very well, but the lying only further reinforced the panic in my mind.

Mine are mostly gone, but now I have crippling anxiety that is a daily battle that I am beginning to win more and more every day. Here are a couple things that have helped me:

-Journal: write down your feelings and be with them vs. trying to run from them. Jot down the thoughts that scare you. This will take the fear out of them. My fear was that I would hurt someone, even though nothing inside of me wants to hurt even a fly.

-Meditation: I was so anti-meditation for my entire life because I thought it was for Buddhists, which I was not. But my wife finally convinced me to try it, and it has been life changing. I still have the same thoughts and worries, but when they pop up in my head, they don't have the same impact. I am also much more calm now.

-Cold Showers: If you can handle it, these are great. The shock of the cold water does something to our systems. Can't really explain it, but I just feel more "cold", but in a cellular level vs. my skin being cold.

-Go. Outside.

Best of luck on your journey. It's a day-to-day battle that you won't always win. You are not the only one going through this, so when these panic attacks come on, give a friend a call and let them know you are having an anxiety attack. You might be surprised to know that they might be going through something similar.

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Thank you very much for your encouraging words.I still get them but it’s not even close to as bad as it was when I first had them and I also find that cold showers help too.I don’t know anyone personally who has anxiety or get panic attacks so that’s why I’m on this app because there’s so many out there that experience this or have experienced it in their lifetime and I find comfort in knowing that.Im happy for you that yours are almost gone and hope you take care of yourself both mentally and physically

How has it changed your life? Do you perseverate on things you can't control? Do you have attacks a lot? What do you do to respond to them? Panic attacks do not have to control you. Find the trigger. Find a coping mechanism. You've got this.

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I actually do perseverate on things alot& now thinking about it I feel like I have for some time now.I still have attacks but not as much and most of the time the thing that triggers it is physical symptoms.I get scared when I get dizzy out of nowhere or when the left side of my body starts to ache.Do you have anxiety?

It's normal to have these emotions, and/or feelings with the first one. I was sitting with my 2nd oldest daughter, and we were talking about her sister, and right there and then... Boom!!! A full blown Panic Attack!!! I try to play it off, and move on, but later learn that it was just the start. But, you do start understanding how to recognize it coming on, and sometimes have a plan for it, before gets out of control. 1. medications

2. breathing techniques

3. family supporters

4. reaching out to us who are going through the same storms as yourself. We will overcome this... together!!!

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I’m sorry to hear that about your panic attack it definitely is horrible to experience.Im slowly starting to control them and recognizing what triggers them too.The only few things that help me control them are videos for anxiety,a book called D.A.R.E.,and the one that has helped me the most are support groups such as this app.You all are so supportive,helpful,and kind.

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hello.thanks for all the encouraging posts..i have read a few of your advice..anyway, I am currently struggling with panic attacks right now and it got worse when my mom got diagnosed with having got worse meaning, I couldn't sleep, I overthink and I always think about how she is.. what is her current situation right at this moment, is she breathing properly...I don't know..i feel terrible right now..i always tell my self I should be there with her, but I am here in a different country..i don't know.

Thank you, and I will research the novel D.A.R.E.

Yes, panic attacks are like that, the inability to deal with your own fears. They sneak up on you at the most inconvenient times too.

The best thing anyone can do is to find a trusted professional, stable family member, or close friend, and walk through every aspect of what may have caused you to feel this way. Where did the fear get in? And when? What triggered it?

Until you uncover the root cause of why you fear these things, the vicious cycle will continue. Somewhere along the way your brain programmed these responses into its memory, and the slightest trigger catapults you into an abyss of feeling out of control. Fear of feeling out of control is another factor too. Thee things must be talked about for you to feel better. Praying peace finds its way back into your heart.

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Thank you very much!I will continue to do all the things you have suggested.

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