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How do I get my daughter to join online support group?



I'm a older mom of 3. My youngest daugher, 25 is struggling with anixety and depression. As a young teen she was diagnosed with ADHD. In her late teens and early 20's her diagnosis was depression and anxiety. Now possible borderline personality disorder. We finally have her on the right path but I think this online support group would help her self confidence. I am brand new to online support group as well. How do you start? What can I expect?


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I'd say If she has a cell phone just send her the link. Put nice nice "kiss emoji" or heart emoji along with the link so she feel the positive love behind why you want her to see link. And hopefully its start from there. This forum can definitely be of some comfort through her hard times. You can come to this forum whenever you need to. No one judges you and if you just want to use it to see what others are posting, it's up to you. You dont have to post until you feel you want to. Very helpful. Wish you and your daughter the best mom. 😊

I'm trying to be more savvy on using social media. Hate to admit it but I'm kinda old school. I love your suggestion to send a link with kiss emoji. I will give it a try and let you know. Thanks

Its understandable. Maybe ask someone around to show you how. I know for me when it's hard to just open a conversation with my 18 year old daughter, I usually send her a text sometimes with an emoji.

I'm so glad to hear that you daughter is receiving help for her recent diagnosis. I think a forum is a safe way to express your thoughts and receive some encouragement as well as advice. I would also suggest that she connect with a church support group. There is something to be said about face to face contact. She also may be able to form friendships with people who understand what she's going through. I'm praying that she will continue to find help and healing.

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I agree, face to face contact from someone who is nonjudgemtal can make a big difference.

If this new medication work, I will suggest church. Thanks for the great idea. FYI, She failed over 8 different medications with first therapist. Her current therapist is using EMDR and she did genteic testing to pick the right medication for treatment. Hope it works. Thanks for the feedback.

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I'll be praying that the new treatment will work for your daughter!

Why are you asking what you should expect when your daughter should be the one asking this? She needs to do these things herself. The key to any treatment, is wanting and seeking the help. She is adult, she needs to want to do it, and go from there. Also, you mentioned meds but not therapy, medicine does help, but that is only one piece, she needs to find a therapist that will teach her coping skills, use CBT techniques to help her progress in life. I suggest if your daughter is motivated to get help, she look into DBSA, (depression bipolar support alliance) they have online meetings and if your daughter is lucky, she also will find a support group that meets in person once a week. I wish her luck.

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Thanks for the feedback and suggestions.

hi its better if she joined herself but you could let her know about the sites.if that failed you obviously are here and could post for advice in ways to support her.

Thats a great idea. I will let her know about this website. My daughter comes to me frequently to talk about problems and feelings. I listen and sometimes give suggestions and advice. Sometimes she listens. Thanks for your reply.

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