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Scary Anxiety Physical Symptoms

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Lately I have been having tingling, numb and cold feet. I have health anxiety so I’m constantly scanning my body for sensations (I can’t stop).

Just wondering if anyone else has this physical anxiety symptom so I don’t feel alone. It does scare me into thinking something serious is wrong but my therapist told me it could be a physical symptom of anxiety. I’ve just never had this one before.

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If it's really bothering you, have your symptoms checked out by a doctor. If he /she rules out anything physical, at least you will get relief from knowing that. Anxiety can cause all sorts of pain and sensations. Be sure your doctor knows you suffer from anxiety, too.

It's anxiety

Anxiety give a lot off not Nice symptomes

Get your symtoms checked out by a Dr. One thing I've learned is to never tell a Dr you go to that you have anxiety before first getting the symptoms checked out because if you do then he/she will more then likely blame it on anxiety. Get your symptons checked out and if all comes out well, you then tell you have anxiety and ask could anxiety cause the symptoms.

I’ve been getting muscle twitching (mainly arms and legs) for a couple of months and now the last 2-3 weeks my upper arms and legs feel a bit weak and achey. It’s scaring me.

My body goes haywire when I am severely stressed. My main issues are muscle tension, heart palpitations, and insomnia. I do agree that you should visit your doctor to rule out other health issues. Practice healing and strengthening your mind if the doctor gives you a clean bill of health.

I get tingling and numbness in my hands and feet. It’s due to the muscle tension I have caused by my anxiety. It causes the blood circulation to be poor in the extremities. It’s annoying but not dangerous. You should have your doctor check to make sure it isn’t something other than anxiety but it’s a common symptom.

hi,I 've been feeling various different twinges as well as numb like feelings in my feet/toes--never had that before and sharp pains here and there ,again never experienced up until a yearago when all my bodily functions were causing extreme anxiety ,im usually a very rational person that too almost went ...its definitely related to anxiety but like you need confrmation and no faith whatsoever in Gp or in the way the health service is run ..never asked for help before and feel let down .

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