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Let’s All Try This...


I love “The Mighty.” I’m copying and pasting something I thought we could all get into. Really try and think of something in the instructions below that “you” find very helpful

I often find myself on social media late at night, and sometimes see posts on Instagram or Facebook with life advice along the lines of “It gets better,” or, “Try harder.”

Most of the time this leaves me feeling disheartened by where I am now — like I’m not trying hard enough, or like I’m waiting for some moment where the clouds part and all of the things I deal with simply wash away.

That’s why today, I’m asking you to share a life lesson or piece of advice in just one sentence. Maybe it’s something you need to hear when you’re struggling. Maybe it’s something you’ve learned in your own journey 🔮

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I’ve learned that there are days when all my energy goes to just putting one foot in front of the other. And if that is my accomplishment of the day, so be it. Finding something you can accomplish, no matter how big or small, is a great tool.


Something I saw on here actually... If you won't be worrying about it in 4 months, don't worry about it now.

My thoughts are not my truth.

I like The Mighty, too. :)

Sorry I don't really have good advice right now. - I've been a bit off the past few days. I am trying to remind myself to take a deep breath or two. :)

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I know hunny :( But anything you say matters. I’m here if you need to talk, you know that my friend 💜

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Thank you, Maria! ❤❤❤ Just knowing you are all here helps a lot!

My one sentence is "You are not your brain." It's the title of a book by Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz, and it's very good.

Great question MariaLove!

"So Be It".

When my anxiety is very awake and doing its forecasting, I often say this back to it. This phrase inspires my courage, reminds me I am not in control of many things in this life, and cultivates an attitude of acceptance for me :)

Great post. Mine is 'Ultimately you are responsible for your own well being and you are captain of your own ship'. x

Nice thread. Hmmm I would say since today is bad yet in ways good its confusing I’d say

“No matter what you are feeling take the moment to be in the present and deep breathe and if still there is something nagging at you,let it go now, this is a time to just be.”


Awesome stuff you guys 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

I appreciate the advice and quotes. They go a long way with helping people.

Xoxo 😘

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Yes. Totally!

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