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I need someone to talk to. I hung up after 35 min of being on hold when calling crisis line.

Is there a chat line or where I can actually talk to a person or get together with people who know how to help a guy suffering with major depression/anxiety and post traumatic disorders? Feels like no one cares about suffering people. I’m way below zero and want to crawl into a hole and die or lay on a hot beach until I fry. Up here in Canada it’s cold, wet, and people so full of themselves and unfriendly. Was born here and yet surrounded by foreigners who took my job by bullying me out of it. I’ve lost my career, my family, my pet. Feels like I been in a fire and all’s been taken from me. I got nothin to live for. Gave my heart to one woman, she crushed it, then another came along, same thing. Seems all women want is a man’s money and throw his dignity into the trash i loved people-gave my all and same people I loved took it and left me with broken heart.

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I srr that happened to you! I dont know about in Canada but in USA you can text 741741 for the crisis chat line. U can always message me on here if u want. (((Hugs)))

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Did some research: Text HOME to 686868 in Canada.

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Thank you. And also for the hugs.

Seems like you have a lot of pain right now. So sorry :(

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It’s like my heart feels like when your hammering a nail and pound on your thum instead- my heart is in throbbing pain.

You are not alone. I’ce Been that low, a lot of people on here have been that low. IT GETS BETTER. There are things to look forward to. You can text me on here. In fact, you can call if you need. L

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Thank you. Are you from the states? I want to go to southern states from Canada and start a farm with Llamas or Alpacas and live off the land. I need to extricate myself from here-it’s to much heartache.

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Yes I’m from California. Running away doesn’t solve anything. You need to talk it out with a therapist. Some medication may help as well, at least at first.

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Fleeing from a narcistic person is more what I feel is what I’m needing to do. There is little support for an older fellow such as myself. Actually I don’t have much of a plan as everything good in my life’s been destroyed by evil, greedy and oppressive big money company and big government bureaucracies. I’m just a human being suffering like many here on this site. I’m reaching out hoping to find someone with a heart of gold, but I feel misunderstood. I’m not “running away” as a child would from a temporary bad situation. I’m looking for a safe and healthy environment for myself to go to. I’m not afraid of death, but am close to suicide in my state of mind, but don’t want those that are pushing me to kill myself to win. That’s no legacy to leave my kids. I hope and pray for strength for people in my situation. Men, women and children suffer with depression. To overcome this disease affecting so many is something I would rather do than give up, take it up the woohoo and die at the hands of people that have no empathy or regard for those who have worked hard all their lives to only have it all stollen from me,



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Sorry Amit if I was blunt in my last reply to you. I often feel too much grief, especially when I find the depression taking the lives of loved ones. I’m unfortunately anti-depressant medication resistant. My situation is very dire. When someone writes me a text and gives me hugs, for this people I am grateful. I attempt various exercises to relieve my anxiety and depression and go to therapy however therapists that can treat let alone understand medication resistant depression are next to impossible to find. Life is difficult for manny people and for those of us who struggle with mental illness I empathize with their struggle.

I wish we all could find happiness and I hope we can share texting each other again. If I can help you or anyone feel happier in any way please let me know how I can help. I do take supplements such as zinc/copper and St. John’s Wort, however the greatest therapy for my condition is being able to relate well with and feel that I can help others, so I volunteer (when well enough) as well.

I hope you are doing well.



(AKA Floyd)

I'm a woman and been through the same stuff. Know it gets better. Its amazing how life can turn around.

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Thanks so much for the encouragement.

I once called a mental health crisis number written on my health insurance card because I was losing it. The guy was rushing me off the phone saying I did not sound suicidal, I told him how the hell do you know how I feel??? It was horrible.

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I know, that happened with the second call I made to them right in the middle of talking she says, well there are worser off people then you and I need to limit this call (was only like 4-5 minutes and the person had no empathy for how inhumanely I’ve been treated.

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Sucks! That’s why I come here first now. It takes longer but most people understand. So sorry this happened to you.

Why don't you join one or all of my chat lines? They are on my pm here for better security. Now, you're texting, not actually talking but, the 2 small lines are pretty active during the day, especially the second one. Circle Of Friends 1 has 14 people in it and has 1 more opening. Circle Of Friends 2 has 15 people but, I would make an exception if you wanted to join. It is the most active chat line. Circle Of Friends 3 is launching tomorrow with 8 of our newest members. You could become #9 if you want. Between the 3 chat lines, someone is almost always around from 10am to 10pm. Our people are all from this forum and they are nice, loving people. They range in ages from their 20's to their 60's. They also cover a wide of problems and can relate to about anything, I think you should give them a try. remember, you can join 1 of them, 2 of them or all 3 of them. It's up you. Here's hoping your blessings add up and your problems diminish.- JEG325

I think I have. Is that operated by MCC?

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Nope. These are on my private pm thread here. I have 2 chat sites there, one with 15 members and one with 16 members. I am launching a new one later today that will have 10 members to start with. #2 is the most active, #3 will be made of mostly new members. It's up to you. Join one, two or all of them! Look forward to hearing from you!

Toll-Free 1-800-698-2392 Warmline out of Oregon

I'm sorry you are so unhappy. I struggle with relationships. I also wish to live down south...I'm in upstate NY. Do you hike? I find getting out in nature and away from it all for a while refreshing. Hope you feel better soon.

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I thank you for your reply. I had worked in trucking years ago and would truck seat belts/engines and car parts between automotive plants down the eastern seaboard between London, East of Toronto Ontario to Easton Pennsylvania, USA. Loved the road trips, couldn’t make a living at it unfortunately.

Depression and anxiety have beatin me up for the past 5 years. As I sit here texting you dread is welling up inside of me. I’ve stopped socializing as I found most people to trigger panic within. I take my dog for a walk at least twice a day no matter how I feel even if I crawl to the door in pain. My dog is my best friend. I have found society to have become terribly entitled, and like you struggle with relationships. Taking Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in a group where the majority of patients are women. I love women, have treated them well like my own sisters, -(had 4 sisters and a wonderful mom), but been dealt a horrible hand-feel cursed, hated and forsook. Lost a lot and sometimes my fault, although more often because of others selfishness and greed. I feel radical feminism, and how men and women treat each other with hatred to really upset me. I’m a heterosexual and have had friends who are gay that have treated me kinder than straight people. I believe S ociety needs to stop hating people; stop loving things and money, and learn how to become healthy and enjoy good loving relationships. I feel the moral fibre of society is being ripped apart by attitudes of greed, hatred and selfishness. I’m afraid to trust people because of how badly I’ve been treated by them. I love the American people, no matter what race anyone is. Same with Canadian (except our Government is spineless and ruining our country). I feel that I must leave here because of the corruption. I’ve had my kids takin from me by a greedy court system, a man hating ex-wife, and the second and third women in my life have been deceptive, mean and most unfair. So yes, I’m going to flee this evilness, just not sure where i’ll End up. Anywhere (as long as I can have a dog and a good woman by my side) would be better than where I am. No one should be subjected to living with a narcissistic partner and I understand you if you are in a similar situation as me. My heart breaks for you if you suffer like I do. I’m sorry that’s the case.

Sending you wishes of happiness.



How are you doing?

Dread, depression and anxiety follow me like a black cloud everywhere I go. Thank you for caring. How are you doing?

Wishing you and I love and happiness

How old are you? I'm a 47 year old woman, not married and no kids. My anxiety made me lose the love of my life at 23. I married later in life, hoping to have kids, but that did not last (I have OCD and it was very difficult to live with someone). So now it's too lat for me to have kids, I don't enjoy going out due to my anxiety so I don't really meet people. And the guys I have met were jerks. I have a great family, but fear when my parents eventually pass (hopefully not for a long while), I will be incredibly lonely as my siblings continue on with their own lives and families. My dog, love of my life, passed away in 2017 and I can't get myself to get another. Well, I'm looking forward to warmer weather and longer days to get back out hiking. I hope today was a good day for you. We can't go back and change our past but we can make a better future. I hope you find something that makes you feel whole.


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Hi Tina. How are you today. I’ve lost so many people to depression. Not just people but my own dignity because at work the people there were so toxic they exacerbated my depression and anxiety. They bullied me mentally and physically and I have severe symptoms of complex post traumatic stress disorder.

I’m glad you joined the group 🤗💜

Should you ever need to talk please feel free to talk. My heart is big but badly broken. My dog is my best friend. I take him with me whenever going out somewhere (which isn’t often except to go around the neighbourhood).

Wish you all the best.

Floyd aka BrokenHeart Of Tears

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Forgot to answer your question. I’m 59 years old. Suffering deeply with depression and anxiety.

(A couple lyrics I wrote to describe my depression and anxiety)

Toxic workplace bullying,

exacerbated my mental health,

breaking me down to my knees.

I fought while too ill,

my human rights,

my dignity and my guts they made me spill, and at the mercy,

of the conglomerates,

“Big foreign owned company and worplace injury insurers, here in BC”, I bleed.

Depression and dread,

are the bars and the black painted windows, that keep any light from coming in,

and me locked up inside.

Oppression, discrimination,

and hatred blind me,

as I wait in hopelessness for release.

Desire for love and understanding,

while bound by anxiety,

flood in on panics tide.

Mercy, grace and joy hiding in a corner,

They all forsake me,

as I wait for death,

sobbing in grief,

(from all our pain and losses),

and fighting,

for even a little bit,

of peace.

For the last of my tears over all of this mess,

of hatred and misunderstanding, I’ve cried.


Im invisible

No one notices me

Call me the phantom

But I’m really more like the air no ones noticing

(That they breathe)

Im invisible

Though feel me in your head

You hold me ransom

Unnoticed following me until I’m finally (buried’n dead)

Im invisible

None notice my frown

I take all these pills

Some help me sleep while others the pain’ll (Barely numb).

Im in visible, don’t you see (I’m in visible)

Im in-vis-able


No neck in a brace

Unnoticed as if in a deep black hole (with no voice)

Im in visible, don’t you see (I’m in visible)

It is very helpful to write and journal. I hope you are finding some relief today.

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