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Lets say that if you had one "Adrenal Gland" surgically removed, and it cut your anxiety by say 50 to 70%, would you do it ?


Do You Realize That If I Gave You A Shot Of "ADRENALINE" You Would Have The EXACT Same Symptoms Of A "ANXIETY & PANIC ATTACK" ? Why ? The "ATTACK" Itself "IS" A "Adrenaline Dump" Triggered By A Fear, or/ A Subconscious Fear Of "Fight or/ Flight". Even If It's Unreasonable Fear.

[ now we are talking about people like us with a disorder ]

Have You Ever Considered The Toll It's Taking On Your Vital Organs, Muscular System, Nervous System, Brain & Inflammation In Our Entire Bodies ? [ pause and calmly think about it ]... "WE" With Anxiety Disorders & Panic Disorders Have More Adrenaline Running Through Our Bodies. No Wonder We Often Feel Wore Out. It Takes A Toll On Our Bodies To Live This Way. Adrenaline DUMPS Can Be Dangerous & Most Likely Are In The Long Run.

We Take All These Psychological Drugs To "Balance" Chemicals In Our Brains. WHY Isn't The Same Methods Used To "Control" & "Balance" Our Adrenaline Output From Our Glands ? [ i've been studying this closely ] Can You Imagine How Many Of Our Psych Meds Could Be Cut In Half & How Many Could Not Be Needed Anymore ? Not Counting Blood Pressure Meds, ect... ect... Is It Possible ? SURE ! [ pause and calmly think ]

We Are ALL Here Looking For Support & ANSWERS Right ? People Seem To Think "I" Think Too Deep. No ? I Want Answers & Ideas Don't You ? Just Think About GAD. We All Here Have GAD In Some Way or/ Form. [ GAD & A ATTACK Are NOT The Same Thing ]... Pause & Calmly Think A Minute... Have You Ever Seen A Full Blood Work Up That Showed A Level Of "Adrenaline" In The Blood ? Not Me ? They Can Check Your "Adrenal Glands" Function, BUT ! They Are Looking For Hormone Levels & Cortisol Levels To Make Sure The Gland Is Functioning Properly. NOT "Adrenaline". Just Think A Moment. If Those Of Us With Anxiety Disorders Have A Higher Level Of Adrenaline Than Those That Don't, Wouldn't That Explain The "Physical Symptoms" We Walk Around With Everyday ? HECK ! I Don't Know If That's Something They Even Have Levels For ? [ gotta research that too ]

Anyway. CAN You Live Without A "Adrenal Gland ?" SURE ! There's People Who Are & Have Been Living For 15, 20, & As Much As 30 Years With NO Adrenal Glands At All. [ please read and search for yourself ] So ? What If This:

Sudden high anxiety with or without a cause

Heart palpitations



A "smothering" sensation or shortness of breath

A feeling of choking

Chest pain or discomfort


Dizziness or faintness

A sense of unreality

A fear of going crazy or losing control

A fear of dying

Numbness or tingling

Chills or hot flashes [ and much more ]

Could Be CUT By 50 to 70% By Removing a "Adrenal Gland"? Would You Do It ?

If You Read All This ? "Thank You". You Are Looking For Answers As Well....

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Lack of adrenal function, or failure is a also deadly. People who suffer adrenal failure have to be on life saving medication.We want our adrenals to be healthy. Adrenals are not at fault for anxiety, they are responding to brain messaging that tells them to fire off. I drink Holy Basil tea, and adaptogen that supports adrenal function. Ashwaghanda root tea or capsules also are an amazing adaptogen that nourishes overworked adrenal glands.

TriggerPoint in reply to Hidden

"Adrenaline" "IS" Responsible For Many Of The "Health Effects" Of Anxiety Disorders. Are You Talking About "Adrenal Insufficiency" ? We Are NOT Talking About The Gland Itself, But It's Function Releasing An Amount Of The "Hormones".

[ The Term "Adrenal Failure" Is A condition in which the adrenal glands do not produce enough of the "adrenal hormones" that control important functions such as blood pressure. aka: "Adrenal Insufficiency" ] Adrenaline Is Just One Of The Hormones Produced By The Gland Itself.

Adrenaline (epinephrine) is the neurotransmitter of the adrenal gland that is secreted in moments of crisis; it stimulates the heart to beat faster and work harder, increases the flow of blood to the muscles, causes an increased alertness of mind, and produces other changes to prepare the body to meet an emergency. It is also a chemical messenger in the brain.

Don't Get Me Wrong Here. You NEED That Hormone To Survive Also. I Am Just Saying You Can Live A Normal Life With Just One Adrenal Gland. However It Would Require Some "Hormonal Replacement Therapy" Therefore Allowing The Level Of The Hormones & Cortisol To Be Adjusted.

A Mere "What If" ?

Thank You & Love Your Suggestions~*

What If You Have This & Nobody Has Checked For It ?

Most people with pheochromocytoma have high blood pressure (hypertension) because the tumor causes the adrenal gland to produce "too much" adrenaline or noradrenaline. Other symptoms may include3:

Rapid heart rate



Episodes of high or low blood pressure

Anxiety or panic attack

Shaking (tremors) of the hands

Pale skin

Blurred vision

Weight loss


Abdominal pain

High blood sugar

Psychiatric disturbances

It Just Makes Me Wonder Why Aren't The Adrenal Glands Looked At More Closely When Being Diagnosed With A "Anxiety Disorder" ?

well, with anxiety, The first organ to react is the amygdala. It only takes seconds for the message to hit the Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal gland. I think a lot of research is done the amygdala, because it is the "starter". If you really think it is something specific in the adrenal gland, The only thing you can do is see an endocrinologist. I think there 2 conditions that can play with that organ, SOS (system overdrive syndrome) or adrenal fatigue. I think the endocrinologist does some blood work and looks for some of the physical symptoms to diagnose.

TriggerPoint in reply to dore13

Very Interesting...

Thanks For Your Input~*

dore13 in reply to TriggerPoint

I forgot ask, were you asking about removing the adrenal glad as a hypothetical question? There is no doctor who would do that without a reason for it, like a tumor or something. We need that gland, it produces hormones the body needs to carry out daily functions.

TriggerPoint in reply to dore13

No No. I Am Talking About Checking For "Abnormalities" In One or/ Both Adrenal Glands. Having MORE Adrenaline In The Bloodstream Than That Which Is Considered Normal. [ but ? i don't know if i've ever seen a full blood work up looking for "that" hormone being present in the blood test have you ? ]

Hypothetically Speaking Of Course, What If You Had A Adrenal Gland That Leaked ? Say, It Was Leaking A Steady Dose Of The Hormone Into The Bloodstream Without Being Triggered To.... What Would The Effects Be ?... Higher Blood Pressure, GAD Symptoms & Tense Muscles Ect... Ect... [ heck ? maybe the glands we are speaking of could be the cause of "fibromyalgia" ? who knows ? ]

It's All Hypothetical Thinking Here.....

Thanks My Friend~*

[ oh, people do live normal lives without the glands using hormonal replacement therapy ]

dore13 in reply to TriggerPoint

Yes, I have had special blood work and tests done by an endocrinologist for (at that time) multiple issues. They can order blood work that your normal PCP will not because (surprise, surprise) the cost! This doctor can also get MRI's done if the numbers are not right to make sure there is no tumors or anything else going on! If you had a tumor on your adrenal gland, that would mess you up! I believe they can also diagnosis the fibromyalgia, they were the first doctors to recognize the condition. Also, they can tell you when you are starting perimenopause and what options are best for you. I know about the HRT, The only thing that scares me about hormonal replacement therapy, is it raises your risk for cancer. That freaks me out. When you see people die from cancer, it is something that never leaves you. I don't know what state you live in, but major hospitals in the city are always doing studies, maybe there is a study for something like this going on. It wouldn't hurt to check it out, and they share the results of the tests they do on you that are paid for by the study. In some cases, you get paid to be in the study!

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