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Free therapy?


How is one to get adequate help and or support without health insurance and unemployed? Too depressed to even look for a job... I know I need therapy and probably medication, however without a means to pay puts one in a rather awful predicament.

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Are you in the US? You may be able to get services through a community mental health clinic. Are you on disability?

SirReverie in reply to AZ1970

I am in California. I was Denied medi-cal because of my income the previous year. Makes no sense that they go off of your previous years income. So far every community health clinic I’ve called only does a “sliding scale.” Which is useless if you have no income.

SirReverie in reply to AZ1970

Not on disability

AZ1970 in reply to SirReverie

I guess every state is different. AZ goes off of the current income. We also have services for the severely mentally ill or SMI. That covers psychiatric and medication for no cost.

i'm without a job and on medicaid through NJ so I'm able to seek therapy and a prescribing dr. Plus a dr for my diabetes. If you live in the US try going to your county office of temporary assistance to sign up

Hi SirReverie,

This is hard, I know, but there is help :)

I work in healthcare. I've worked and volunteered in many free clinics over the years and long ago as a teen I went to a free clinic to get care.

"Sliding scale" can mean different things depending upon the clinic you go to. They set their own rules. But essentially, it means No income= NO COST for care. If you have low income, say you're a person making $10K a year, they have a scale that correlates to that income. Maybe $10 per visit. If you make $20 K a year, $20 a visit, etc. Some free clinics charge a flat low-cost fee per visit, something like $15-$30 per visit. Some places you have to prove you have no $, job, insurance etc, and some places they ask no questions, it's your word they take.

I would call around and ask exactly what you can expect for cost. If it's not possible to get through to anyone and it's a "first-come, first-served" clinic, just go with whatever paperwork you have (tax return, last paystub, etc) and find out!

RotaCare Clinics are out west and many are excellent

Planned Parenthood! YES Many planned parenthoods have primary care for MEN. Call first to check, some are just for women's health. The ones in my area ALL offer PRIMARY CARE for men and women.

For CA, try this site:

Do you live near a teaching hospital? If so, call them and find out if they have a program where the resident docs or med students give free psychiatric care (they are supervised, don't worry, and you can often get excellent care this way). Also ask if they have student or intern psychologists doing their training who you can see for free.

Wherever you go, I suggest you really push for ALL the resources they can steer you towards. Ask about FREE/low-cost support groups, classes etc.

Every step of the way I recommend you be as assertive as possible and advocate for yourself. This is SO HARD to do, especially when depressed but it will get you far in this process of getting help. You have a right to get help and the help is there- just tricky to attain.

Keep us posted?

SirReverie in reply to Calm_mama

Will do. Thank you so much

SirReverie in reply to Calm_mama

Well... so far just more frustrations and dead ends... almost went to a clinic today that is a psychiatric hospital that does not charge. I’m so glad I read the reviews of the place first! I know reviews should be taken with a grain of salt but good lord they were bad. Something out of American horror story if you’ve ever seen the show... anyway... I’m going to look into a primary care physician like planned parenthood and see where that goes... I’ll keep trying.

I'm sorry that you are struggling with depression. I don't know any particular rules in your state about eligibility for programs. might help you get started.

Thanks, I will check it out

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