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New therapist

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My new therapist changed my meds. She said that I suffer from anxiety, which my previous doctor said, but the new therapist said that I have a mild depression. So my new med covers both. Let's hope it helps me. As I have stated previously my anxiety relates to driving. I drove back to work after the session and boy was I stressed. I turned the radio to a calming station and I started praying. I watch my navigation, there was only about 4 miles of the trip that stressed me out. I kept praying, the miles went to 3.5 , 3.0 , 2.5 , I kept praying 1.5, them finally i turned off this large street into a much smaller street, Whew. I made it!! The rest of the trip was cool. I only stress on larger aerial streets.

Let's hope I get better, I have my new talk therapist tomorrow.

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Omg I have the same issue. I drive primarily for work and have to see multiple clients a day. Now I find it very difficult to drive and I try to avoid the highway . I’m working on it but it’s tough. Idk it’s like looking at the gps and seeing how much further I have to go really messes with me. What mess are you taking? I saw my therapist last week and she prescribed me Abilify but I haven’t filled the prescription yet

Countryboy, I am so excited for you. I just had to change psychiatrists because mine of maybe 15 years retired. We felt like we had tried everything, so it was great to get a new, fresh set of eyes on my condition. We changed my meds up and it helped! She had so many ideas. I even got tested for ADD in case those type of meds would help. I'm only borderline, so it certainly isn't worth adding another medication. But new ideas gave me such hope and her changes made a difference. I'm glad prayer helps get you through the driving. Prayer helps me so much everyday.

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