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Hello everyone, I hope you guys are having a good time. Few days ago, I started to have these weird thoughts about odd creatures and it started to scare me to the point that I cannot go outside when it's still dark. I also found myself crying for an hour or so without any reason. Last night, my mind just went so.. I dont know..active? There's a thought that I could possibly be crazy soon or just go mad :( I dont have anybody to talk to. Is there somebody who's going/gone through this?

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Hello. I have anxiety and depression. I often have completely irrational fears and daily thoughts of suicide. During mental health relapses I cry uncontrollably for long periods. You can message me anytime.

Hey! Sorry you've hit a rough patch. There are lots of reasons your mind might be overactive right now. It's often the subconscious popping through. Sometimes it's because of a show we watched, a dream we've had, music we've listened to. Depending on current eating and sleeping habits, it could trigger imagined creatures. Oh-and for me, the worst is if I inadvertently partake of nutrasweet in any form. Did you check in with your doc? If you are on any meds-they may need tweaking...

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