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So I've never joined anything like this before but my depression and anxiety is getting really hard to handle on my own. I have a hard time talking to people about it because I don't want people to think I'm crazy or weak and a lot of times I break down to tears. I have really been feeling completely alone and I'm not even sure why because I'm not. Lately all I keep thinking is that I want someone to hug me and say you are going to be ok and I love you. Can anyone relate? Because I feel crazy, like I'm not ok.

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I wish I could give you advice but I myself am struggling with the same thing. I fear that if I speak to someone they might thing I’m crazy. I feel alone when I’m really not alone. And it’s horrible to feel that way. Just know your not the only one. Your not alone.

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I can second all of that. I suffer from anxiety and depression very much, and lately the depression has been worse than ever. I don’t share what goes on in my head with anyone though because they’d think I’m crazy. I do feel crazy sometimes, but at least in this site I now know I’m not alone.

I have suffered from anxiety for a long time. It wasn't until it ruined my health that I actively sought ways to fix the problem. After listening to Patsy Clairmont, I had hope and her inspiration kept the negative effects of anxiety at bay for a few years. Pasty's anxiety was so bad that she couldn't even get out of bed. Knowing that someone had anxiety worse than mine was not enough to make the changes that I needed to make. Now I understand that balance and self care mean that I can sit for 10 to 20 minutes and do absolutely nothing just breathe and regain my balance. Perhaps you could start by hearing her story at

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You are not alone... i am a 51 year old female, feeling the same thing! It is not fun! We are not crazy! Mine is caused by my current circumstances... i hate it. I have been here before, but ever for this long of time. This time, I have been suffering for about 5 months.

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