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Has anyone been on naltrexone for alcohol cravings?

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My psychiatrist prescribed naltrexone to curb my alcohol cravings. I just read that it block serotonin and dopamine.“” That seems like it wouldn’t be good for someone suffering depression. The page I was reading also said that one of the side effects of drinking while on naltrexone was depression. Does anyone have any experience taking naltrexone for alcohol cravings? Did you stop drinking alcohol entirely?

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It’s usually prescribed for people coming off opiates

Yes, but it's also used for reducing cravings for alcohol (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naltr...). The fact that it's used for opiate cessation concerns me. I worried that if it gets on my "records" then someone might assume I was being treated for opiate addiction.

What’s the difference in being treated for alcoholism on your records ?

Good point. I guess I don't really think I'm an alcoholic.

Don’t really think or won’t admit ?

Well... to be honest, it's hard to say. I guess it's difficult 'cause I used to drink a LOT more than I do... so I feel like I've "improved." I mean I don't drink to the point that I'm "drunk" anymore. I just don't know...

Do you drink every day?would you be physically sick if you just stopped

Yes. I typically drink 1 or 2 small glasses of wine a day. I have no idea if I would get sick. I haven't gotten sick in the past if I didn't drink.

Would your world fall apart tomorrow if you couldn’t buy any drink,?could you go 3 days without any real problem

it's difficult to say. The idea of not being "allowed" to indulge in anything bothers me, especially because I've had to give up a lot of things over the last 6 months. I found out I was pre-diabetic in June and I've gone on a somewhat strict diet and had to quit consuming things I enjoy, including beer -- I switched to red wine and a lot less. (I also quit smoking which was less connected to the high blood sugar issue.) It just feels like I'm having to give up a lot of stuff that I enjoy. I also feel like I'm not an alcoholic and don't need to take a drug to make me stop "craving" alcohol. Maybe I'm just being defensive.

Well done sounds like you’ve made a lot of positive changes I know what you mean though about giving everything up but needs must..I took the naltrexone and had an awful experience with it in the late 90s detoxing off opiates it’s a powerful drug and don’t know why anyone is wanting to prescribe it for just alcohol..cravings.

Thanks. Your feedback is good to know. I feel like Naltrexone is a little bit extreme. From the few articles I've read it sounds like the side effects can be pretty rough... and they include depression, which seems VERY counterproductive in my case. Also, the Wiki article suggests that some studies call into question its efficacy with alcoholism. I think I'm going to make an effort to cut back on my already moderate consumption... besides, I'm currently unemployed and really can't indulge in buying harder liquors.

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