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Some strategies- one of my biggest struggles


Hi all!

I hope you’ve had a blessed and relaxing weekend!

One of my biggest struggles (and others on this board as well) is appreciating the moment.

What are some ways each of you appreciates the moment your in?

How do you tell anxiety to “give it a rest”, and appreciate what is in front of you. Meditation and prayer seem to help a lot. However I’ve gotten so used to feeling anxious or depressed through the years that it’s hard for me to shake. I’ve almost gotten used to feeling a certain way. So, when a nice moment or a moment of appreciation comes up, it almost feels uncomfortable.

I’m also here if anyone just wants to talk :-)

Thank you all and I hope to hear from you soon



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Hi Kevin,

I agree. I found it tough to live for the moment. I am always thinking about the week or the next day. I think the best thing to do is just stop your mind and say I am focusing on this moment. The rest can wait. I sometimes do this to stop this type of thinking. I have wasted so much time in worrying about the future and never really enjoying the present. I hope this helps.

Kevin87 in reply to guynfl2chat

Definitely helps! What sort of things do you do to help bring yourself back into the moment?

guynfl2chat in reply to Kevin87

i try to listen to music, go for a walk... it is all about distraction

Same! Trying to enjoy my Sunday but I keep dwelling on the week ahead! I’m still working on’s such a waste of time but I know it’s hard to break the habit.! Hope you find something that helps!

Thank you! You as well, I’m finding just taking breaks throughout the day and breathing helps. Simple I know but it helps when my thoughts become intrusive.

I do have times when I feel absolutely wonderful but I guess I don't do anything at the time. I do acknowledge the moment and will remember it so I must unconsciously do something. Unfortunately I think when you go through a period of intense anxiety and/or depression it is harder to see those moments. One suggestion I have been doing for about a month now is everyday I write down three things that made me happy that day. Doing that helps you to think back on your day and look at the day more positively. I will be honest though, some days it is so hard to come up with the three things.

Kevin87 in reply to Olinick

That’s such an incredible and easy thing to do. On New Years (which I hate), I wrote down some things I was looking forward to for that year ahead. I don’t necessarily have issues with the week ahead but my mind “catastrophises” things that haven’t happened or could happen. These thoughts make it so I can’t enjoy where I am. :-/

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