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Always panicking

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Im always panicking when i feel something different but currently i am Healing from an ear I’m so that ears kind of clogged or muffled my other ear was fine and i was wondering can having an ear infection on one ear cause the other ear to feel clogged too because when i talk I sound clogged up when im not sick or anything and it makes me panic i have convinced myself that I’m gonna loose my hearing i hate that i panic so much :(

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Your ear clogging can be from many different aftermaths. It can be an ear infection, water remaining in that ear continuously after a shower or even a sinus infection. There are even times when that ear tends to form more wax then the other. I have experienced this exact issue continuously. There is no need to panic. You will be ok. 😊

Thanks for the advice i just panic way to much because it’s something I haven’t experienced :( and it scares me ! Like right now i heard a loud pop in my ear no pain but it scared me because of my hearing and its the ear of the infection i panicked so much I started to shake 💔

This might sound kinda silly but I went to an ear nose and throat doctors for my sinuses a year ago. And just as part of his practice he checks all three areas: the ears, nose and throat. So he looked in my ears and he asked me if it was okay to vacuum it, and I said yes. He vacuumed everything out of my ear and afterwards I could hear so much better. If it persists for a very long time then I would say go get it checked, and don’t do anything crazy to try to clean your ear because that can be dangerous

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