Anxiety/Panick attacks or something else?

Hello, my name is Theo I am 22y.o and i suffer as from doctors say panick attacks.

I suffer from



shaking or trembling

feeling shortness of breath or smothering

sensation of choking

chest pains or tightness

nausea or gastrointestinal pain

dizziness, light-headedness, or feeling faint

feeling hot or cold

numbness or tingling sensations (paresthesia)

feeling detached from oneself or reality, known as depersonalization and derealization

fear of “going crazy” or losing control

fear of dying

Beeping in my ears


Very high blood presssure (180/110) this when an "attack happens"

Back pain

And many other symptoms.

All those symptoms don't appear at the same time, let's say now i am dizzy and after 2 hours i have chest and hand pain.

My question is has anyone experienced the same situation and how did they solved it?

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  • I suffer some but not all. Ive done yoga and breathing exercises that have helped but wasn't consistent due to my work schedule and controlling my thoughts and mind. Exercising should help. I've been on meds in trying to get off and do it meds free. Distract your mind. Drink water and work out

  • Thank you for the advice Theo and the good words. You can do it with no meds, belive in you because you will receive your reward.

  • Have you taken any medication for your symptoms?

  • Xanax, but i stopped because it made me a veggetable.

  • Omg. I took xanax and it made me emotionless and just sleep non stop. I hated it. J'lon opine is the same.......

  • I listen to this Chris Hardwick set everytime my anxiety decides to pay a visit or when a panic attack hits. He talks about your exact symptoms!! Knowing you're not alone and having a little comedy thrown in helps me. It's not a cure, but it is a relief:

    You are in control. Don't believe everything your mind thinks!

    - Tiffany

  • Cheers for the advice mate

  • *klonopin

  • I also had Prozac but i took only 1 pill and ended up at the hospital.

  • How come? I'm sorry to hear that

  • Alergic reaction.

  • Sorry to hear about the side-effect of Prozac. It is really hard when something like that happens. I had the same experience with a different anti-depressant. People have given you some good advice here. Do what feels right for you!

  • Cynthia, I am sorry that you had to go through the aame situation with those meds. I know that the advice that I have received will help me in my journey.

  • Hey TeodorM,

    I experienced panic attacks several years ago. Pretty much all the same symptoms. Had them while still on meds, which was wild in itself. Had a change in meds and been good ever since. No one should be ashamed of having to take meds for a medical condition, mental or physical. The ability to self sustain is an illusion of the ego. People become too proud and want to be normal. There is no normal anymore. My advice is to seek the right combo of meds and therapy. With sincere effort, perhaps you will be med-free one day!

  • Cheers for the good words Gr81ness.

    I do have panic attacks but all those symptoms that I have mentioned are not only during a panic episode thats why I think I have something else.

    Also, what meds have you used if you don't mind of asking.

  • My guess is your muscles, etc are sore from the panic attacks. They are quite powerful and take a toll on the body. Do you recall anything that triggers these attacks? Right now, I'm on Rexulti, Zoloft and Luvox for OCD and depression. I also take a few supplements. Overall I feel good but need some hardcore OCD therapy.

  • I don't see anything that started or it's causing at the moment those attacks but i think that thoughts and stress are the cause. How do you feel after taking those pills? Or how was at the beggining?

  • Could be. I believe mine were caused by errant thoughts that tended to stick around. My dr did a chemical/blood rundown so we could eliminate the meds that wouldn't work. I just started the Luvox a few days ago but it takes 3-4 weeks to get the full effect. I haven't had any serious side effects just yet from any of them.

  • The reason for asking how do you and did you feel is that those serotonin reuptake inhibitors have very bad side effects. Didn't know that there is a blood/chemical test to eliminate other meds that would not help. And also what side effects did you had?

  • Without that blood/chemical test, it's basically a gamble. If you note any dangerous side effects, stop them immediately. You'll know within the first day or two if they're agreeable to your system or not.

  • Medication is a bad idea. Medication only mask the problem for a bit but then it chases you and you need to upgrade meds etc etc. you need to get to the root of your problem a d fix it, little by little. Be compassionate to yourself, exercise, eat healthy, avoid alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar products. Try to it as natural as it's possible and remember one way or another we all have a battle we struggle with. For us is anxiety, some others are fighting cancer or family members with addictions. God bless you all. Be well.

  • Thank you so much Nikitar for those beautiful words. I am eating healthy, I don't smoke, drink coffe or alchool. And I hope I will find my cause and finish this strong.

  • Hey bro... that sounds like 80% of every one of us in this support group. The lucky part is that your not alone. We are here for each other. I know many of those symptoms are very scary and if you want to talk we are all here to listen abbr understand you. There is a video that someone posted that might help you. I'll try too find it and repost. You are not alone.

  • Thank you for those words Jose, right now I am not feeling well, i saw blood in my number 2 and i have huge pain in right/left side. I am starting to think that the doctora were wrong and I have Crohn condition or bowel cancer. It's very hard to think that you are fine if you know the symptoms of a condition/disease. I started med school and quit, that is why I hate myself because I know symptoms of almost each condition..

  • hope this helps.

  • I think your paying to much attention and being hypersensitive to every single thing your body is doing. I did that for a while and its not a good feeling. Understand that your body will always be doing something and you are becoming way too aware of every single thing it's doing. I know its easier said than done but try to focus on the people around you instead of listening internally. A support group is also a good way of getting help with coping with everything. The bad part is that after a while even the people around you are no longer concerned because you've done this soo many times before. I know that sucks too. Stay strong bro.

  • Thank you for those words that are raising my strength, much appreciate it.

  • I wouldn't freak out too much about blood in the stool. I had that a few years back along with the stomach pain and constant diarrhea. I freaked out and went to the hospital. Sent to a GI dr. after that who did a colonoscopy which led to an ulcerative colitis diagnosis. Was on meds for awhile, stopped dairy, and all roughage foods. That was almost 4 years ago, and I've had no more problems. Now I have that ulcerative colitis in my medical history which I think was a mis diagnosis. I really think I am just lactose intolerant. I went to get a life insurance policy, and ended up with a crazy premium because of the diagnosis. Also now medical insurance is hard to find for me. They want me to sign a waiver that I'm ok with them not covering any type of stomach or colon issues. Luckily I'm not having any issues at all.

    Try changing a few things around in your diet. Also alcohol causes my stomach to be upset.

  • I don't have diarrhea the way that it looks/ colour looks normal just saw a small blood line on it. But I am affraid about the pain, a pain at this intensity and all those sensations are making me question myself, am I having only Anxiety/panic attacks or there is something else. Can I ask was the stool black or did you saw fresh red blood on it?

  • Mine wasn't black, but I had lots of blood. I think that is what scared me the most.

  • You need to go to your nearest ER if you can get there! Otherwise call 911! If you have "a lot" of blood then you may have a very serious health issue.

  • I don't think it is necessary because a small line of blood can be caused by multiple issues. I am wainting to see what is going on.

  • I think in my case is caused by indigestion/constipation.

  • I have had a majority of symptoms that you describe throughout the years. Sometimes it's better and sometimes it's worse, but I would say the things I have done and seems to have helped me are therapy, medication, meditation, and not putting too many things on my plate. I also try and do yoga or some sort of physical activity even if it's just taking a walk, and I also watch what I eat and try to eat as healthy as I can but it's still a work in progress. I would definitely try some of the things I did and see what may work for you. Good luck in your journey

  • Thank you Sandia, I also started the same Journey as you.

  • I have felt that easy since November of last year my anxiety really kicked into overdrive. I've had all those symptoms. It started with heachaces then chest pains then gastrointestinal issues I've had one full on panic attack where my whole body would stop shaking I made my boyfriend drive me around the hospital until the xanax kicked in. The past two days I've been in panic attack mode if you find anything that helps please let me know. I just got off the lexapro I don't think the medicine will help if you don't go to the root of the problem.

  • I suffer from random panic attacks and triggered panic attacks, the symptoms vary each time. I have to lay down, remind myself to relax and breathe, that it will pass. I have emergency anxiety attack meds, but I’ve never used them and I haven’t taken any prescription pills that weren’t antibiotics in years. Though I like CBD oils and candy instead, I find those are better than smoking marijuana or eating edibles, as those cause my heart rate to skyrocket and my panic attacks worsen. We each have to find what works for ourselves, what may work for one may not work for another.

  • dear Theo, I have the same symptoms when I have a panic attack. first time it happened I thought I was having s heart attack and dying. I couldnt breathe, my throat felt like it was closing, numbness in hands and that aweful derealization. it's terrifying. I don't wish it on anyone. I know now I'm gonna have one when my left hand goes numb but the difference now I know exactly what's happening and I don't feed into by panicking more. I close my eyes, breathe, read a book or play on my phone till it passes. it does get better with time. I think it helps though knowing your not alone. it happens to alot of people. unfortunately my children have gad too. same symptoms my 21 yr old can deal with it. he just tries to keep busy so he can't think about it. my 16yr old daughter is just starting to be able to deal with it. last time I had a major panic attack i just keep thinking it was gonna happen again so freaked out i went to our local mental health walk in center i asked is there anything I can take to call me down. they told me they couldnt prescribe meds there but that I could take over the counter benedryl. 5mg up to 5x a day as needed. apparently it used to be prescribed before xanax. I thought wow i always have this in my house. I went home took it felt so relax within an hour. I highly recommend it. good luck to you and think positive thoughts this will get better soon.

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