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Im a newie fyi, I have really severe anxiety and depression and OCD. I can't tell you how many times I rewrote this paragraph because my OCD. It all started at the tender age of 8. I had a panic attack in a red robin, they rushed me to the ER, thinking I was terribly sick because some woman saw me kneeling next to the toilet moaning and crying and ran to get my father after repeatedly trying to see what was wrong. My dad made me sit and "ENJOY" the rest of dinner. I sat there moaning and scratching until I drew blood. They took me home and my mother, being sensible, grabbed a blanket and drove me to the closest hospital. I got there, I got checked out, and went home. Thet actually thought that it was some sort of illness and said if I spiked a fever an internal organ that I forget would have to be removed. After a couple years things were getting worse. IN three or so months at school, i had over thirty nurse visits. I was actually called retarted by someone in my own family. It slowly became depression and anxiety. I was just breaking down, i became suicidal, and told my counselor at school. I was rushed to the ER and evaluated by people. I was out of school for five days. BY the way, my sister stopped my friend from commiting suicide from eating pills and after getting her stomach pumped, was sent back to school the next day, when I only had thoughts. I began to cut, quit, cut, and OCD became clearer and clearer, I count over and over, I cant do certain things, if i do ill hit myself, i did this multiple times writing this paragraph. I was put on meds, IM SEnSITIve to THEM SO I HAVE TO STOP. no medicine had been working without making more symptoms. A phycologist suggested a service dog. I own so many pets and they re so theriputic. I suggest getting a pet, it can be something small. It can get your mind off of things, give you something to ocupy your time, and give you something to look forward to and have as something to comfort you.

“Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.”

― Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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How long have you been on meds?

OCD Is A Bummer. I Remember Going To A PTSD "Specialist". "HE" Noticed During Our Visits That I Had OCD Tendencies I Didn't Even Realize. [ I think EVERYBODY Has OCD To A Point ]. He'd Say Things Like "Why Do You Keep Looking At That Picture" ? Is Something Wrong With It ? I Said, It's Not Level It's Crooked. He Said, Does It Really Bother You That Bad ? I Said, I Wanna Straighten It BAD. Can I ? He Said, No . It Looks Fine To Me ! Then He Smiled About It. [ I Didn't Realize At The Time He Was Catching On To Something ]

Well, To Kinda Shorten Things Up, I Found Out I Was OCD About ALLOT Of Things !* Man. Sometimes I Wish I Hadn't Found Out Although I KNEW There Where Things That Bothered Me In Life & Nobody Else. But ? Wow ! Now It Had A Name. I Could Live In A Filthy House But MANY Things Better Be A Certain Way. Which Is Partly Why The House Stays Half Way Clean Though..LOL.. Don't Mean To Be Silly. But I'm Trying To Face My OCD Like Howie Mandel The Comedian. His Is "REALLY" Bad. He Says The Only Way He & His Family Can Deal With It Is To Laugh About It... For Me ? Sometimes It Breaks The Cycle, But NOT All The Time. But ? If I Can Take Get A 50% Break ? I'll Take It.... I Understand What You Are Going Through. I Have PTSD & A Severe Anxiety Disorder Too... Need Me ? Just Call. [ maybe another post i guess ] We ALL Need Each Other Here....

Wow it sounds like you have had some very rough experiences. I don’t know a ton about OCD but reading your story is very eye opening. You are a very strong person for coming here and sharing this with us.

I’m not sure I have a lot of tips for you, but it sure sounds like you enjoy being around animals, and I think that’s awesome! What kind of pets do you have?

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