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They’re just thoughts

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I hope everyone was able to enjoy the holidays in some way. I have two young children so, Christmas was fun. 🙂

So, I deal with suicidal ideation. My mood has been ok overall, the thoughts and mild anxiety can become issues. Today I want to self harm. I enjoy cutting, but know it is best to stop. It just feels good. I want to overdose on prescriptions, but I shouldn’t.

Thoughts do not have power but, it feels that way sometimes. How does everyone deal with resisting intrusive thoughts and urges?

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I keep myself busy, i move around, i find things to do, i come here talk to a few people if it gets worse then i know it's time to call my therapist

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I agree, distractions can be very helpful, and a good therapist too! Thanks!

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I hope you are seeking medical help for this illness, because it is serious. But for intrusive thoughts in general, the book "Brain Lock" by Jeffrey Schwartz, MD is very good. He has videos on YouTube if you're interested.

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I am. Sometimes it takes longer than we like to recover. Thanks for the book info. I will check it out!

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Hi jvicks don't you find the chance of your kids finding out what your doing to your self is enough reason to stop this kind of distructive behaviour! You've got two kids don't you think thats reason enough to stop take a look at what your doing to yourself and GET HELP PLEASE! Please don't think I'm being hard on you or I don't understand but I do I've felt suicidal at times in the past but thank god for my sisters and my wife being there for me and they were the best support network I have! If you can reach out to those who are around you and if they give you the support you need so be it. God bless you all the best david 🙏

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Thanks for the reply Celtic27! No, I do not want my kids to know that I cut. They are 1 and 3 now, but my oldest has asked about scars.

I go to therapy and group. I’ll get there! As for being suicidal, the thoughts are better now. Gets hard sometimes, as we all know. 🙂

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