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introduction / alone on NYE

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hi guys - my name is tristan. I downloaded this app a long while ago, & never really made use of it. however, one of my goals for the new year is to document my thoughts and feelings a bit more, & to get out of the funk I’ve been in for a while.

today is NYE & I find recently I’ve been having trouble reaching out to others, or feeling like no one wants to spend time with me. as lonely as I feel whenever I reach out I feel I am an annoyance to them or just in their way. I find myself alone on NYE disappointed that no one has reached out to me & I feel like I have no one to talk to. idk I’m just feeling really down today and very alone. I’ve seen some of you are feeling the same & im sending hugs your way. happy New Years guys - we got this.💗

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Hello Tristan, I’m also new to this group. I really hope exchanging with others living the same thing will be beneficial. Sending virtual hug on this NYE! You have made a step toward your goal tonight, congrats!

Hugs Tristan 🤗. I'm home alone on New Years Eve as well. So don't feel bad. Lol. It can be hard hanging with people who don't understand anxiety so I decided to stay home. We're all ears if you need to talk. Everyone here can relate to you and will be willing to chat. Happy New Year!!

I stayed home for the same reason!

Happy new year

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